Black Clover M: Complete S3 Jack Academy Guide & Build | Skills, Gear & Talents

He’s not just insane, he’s insanely smart.

S3 Academy Jack in Black Clover M.

Black Clover M is a mobile gacha game that is officially licensed to use the Black Clover name, meaning that it is actually official. The game has been around for a while now in JP servers, but only been recently released for Global.

While we’re still catching up on content, we get Season 3 and the brand new content it provides. In the new Season 3 update, we get Clover Academy Jack in his teacher attire, ready to teach kids how deadly Math is.

In this guide, I will show you everything you need to know about how to effectively use Jack and build this unit.

Complete S3 Jack Academy Guide & Build


Clover Academy Jack is an SSR Sense Attacker, which means he is precise in his attacks, and he can do massive CRIT DMG.

His base ATK stats are great, but they can be greatly improved to make the most out of his kit.

His kit is also designed to deal enemy damage and occasionally buffing himself while debuffing his enemy, so don’t expect him to assist any of his teammates.

Here are Clover Academy Jack’s skills and what they do:

  • Three-Point Slash
    • Delivers swift slices on an enemy, dealing damage.
      • Inflicts [Bleed] on an enemy, dealing continuous damage for 2 turns.
      • When the enemy is afflicted with [Bleed] has a 50% chance to [Stun] him.
  • I’ll Slice You Up!
    • Slices up an enemy, dealing damage.
      • Applies 1 stack of [Miscalculation] to self.
      • Applies [Increased PEN Lv. 2] to self for 2 turn(s).
      • Applies [Increased ACC Lv. 2] to self for 2 turn(s).
  • Golden Ratio of Severance
    • Throws a giant protractor triangle at an enemy, dealing damage.
      • Perform an [Additional Attack] per stack of [Miscalculated], dealing additional damage equal to 80% of ATK and M. ATK to a random enemy.
      • Inflict [Stun] for 1 turn on the designated target.
  • Combined Attack
    • Performs a combined attack with your partner, dealing damage to an enemy.
      • [Dispel Barrier] from the target before attacking.
      • Perform an [Additional Attack], dealing additional damage equal to 30% of ATK and M. ATK to a random enemy.
Clover Academy Jack in Black Clover M.


Clover Academy Jack is a fast character, so we will be leaning into his Speed stat to get him to always make the first move.

While Speed is important, we also need to get his ATK up as well, which is also important if we want Jack to deal some serious damage. His CRIT DMG is already pretty high, but we can increase it a little for better stats.

With that said, the ideal and optimal gear set for Clover Academy Jack is 2 ATK gear pieces, 4 Speed gear pieces, and 1 CRIT DMG gear piece. Now, an argument can be made that we can swap out the CRIT DMG gear piece for a ATK gear piece so we can have 3 ATK gear pieces instead of 2.

That is also a valid gear set to have and use. But since Jack’s crit chance is already so high, it would make sense to increase his CRIT DMG.

One of the best gear sets for Clover Academy Jack to use in Black Clover M.


Similar to Jack’s gear set, we want him to do as much damage as possible. But we also don’t want him to lose health quickly when he’s getting attacked.

For his Talents, we need to have Talents that will increase his ATK stats while also selecting Talents that will keep him alive throughout the whole battle so he can do more damage.

Here are the best Talents for Jack to use:

  • Attack Talents
    • Increased ATK – [ATK] +7%
    • Battle Frenzy – Grants 2.5% [Increased CRIT Rate] at the start of a wave. (Stacks up to 5 times)
  • Defense Talents
    • Increased DEF – DEF +20%
    • Endurance – Grants DEF +4% and CRIT RES +2% at the start of a wave (stacks up to 5 times)
  • Support Talents
    • Mage’s Blessing – 20% chance to grant a [Reduced Skill II’s Cooldown by 1 Turn] buff at the start of a turn.
    • Increased ACC and PEN – [ACC] +5% & [PEN] +5%
Best Talents for Jack to use in Black Clover M.

Skill Pages & Teams

With Jack being an Attacker, the Skill Pages he can use a lot more Skill Pages that focuses on dealing damage or boosting his ATK stats. He has a lot of Skill Pages to use, with 3 of them being SSR Skill Pages and 2 of them being SR Skill Pages.

Here are the best Skill Pages for Jack to use:

  • SSR Skill Pages
    • Unique Teacher
      • Has a 35/100% chance to grant self 20% [Increased Damage] before attacking.
    • The Captain’s Dignity
      • Applies 2.5/4.5% [Increased CRIT] at the end of an ally’s turn. (Stacks up to 5 times)
    • Breath of Darkness
      • Applies 10/20% [Increased All ATK] to yourself.
  • SR Skill Pages
    • Sea Serpent’s Pride
      • Applies 7/15% [Increased CRIT Rate] to yourself.
    • Mysterious Ancient Book
      • Applies 7/12% [Increased Damage] to yourself.

For the best teammates that work well with Jack, refer to the following characters:

Best teammates for Jack to be paired with in Black Clover M.

If you are looking for more builds & guides like this one, make sure to check out our complete guide for all characters and their builds in Black Clover M!

That’s all you need to know about how Clover Academy Jack works and how to build him in Black Clover M. Did this guide help you understand how you can effectively use Clover Academy Jack in the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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