Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox

Trainings, foods, supplies, armors and weapons to help you reach the end of the story!

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox

Break In 2 in ROBLOX is a story game where you join a server with other 11 players to make it out alive. Break In 2 has similar features and gameplay rules to the original Break In, so it will be very easy for you to get used to the controls.

However, this version of the game has a new and different storyline, and you may want to know how to get through it. In this guide, we’ll give you a walkthrough of the story, so you know what’s in it for you. Other than that, we will also provide you with some tips and tricks to help you win.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks

When you first get started, you and other players will need to go along the path and reach the shelter. As you go there, it will start raining and you will need to dodge some of the stones that fall out of the sky.

When you first get into the shelter, look to the right side and you will be able to see a breaker which you can use to turn the power back on.

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Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Power

Strength Training

The story will start after you turn the power back on. Then, walk up the stairs and go towards your right to reach the gym. You will then need to make yourself stronger by engaging in strength trainings. It is recommended for you to use an auto clicker to make the process easier for you.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Gym

Uncle Pete

After you finish your strength training, you’ll want to help rescue Uncle Pete. You will be able to find him stuck in a cage once you climb up the stairs to the left.

In the kitchen, you will be able to find the key to help him get out in the drawers. He will then give you a few quests that give you a lot of rewards upon completion.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Uncle Pete

Wave 1

After that, the screen in the middle of your room will be turned on. You will find out that there will be a wave of enemies that you need to defeat. Go to the middle room and prepare for battle.

As long as you have trained and reached strength level 3, you will be able to do this easily. The Bat is a good weapon for you to use in this stage.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Wave 1


Getting armors will increase your likelihood of getting to the end stages of the story and achieving your win. In order to get armors, take the quest from Uncle Pete and complete it by defeating 50 enemies in the training area.

Keep doing the same tasks over and over until your HP bar gets low. This is when you want to head towards the vending machines.

Then, you can spend some of your money to buy food and drinks to keep your healthy. Your main sources of money come from quests, as well as many other in-game events, so pay attention to both your health and your money.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Armor

After you defeat the number of enemies, you can start breaking the door in front of you. You will need to be at least strength level 4 to break the locks. You do not have to break the locks on your own, you can ask other players to help you with it.

Inside, you will see a button that allows you to spend 150 cash to buy the Golden Armor. This will give you some extra health and defense. If you look to the bottom left corner of your screen, you will see a shield icon, which indicates that you are being protected.

Break In 2: Tips & Tricks | Roblox Golden Armor

Best Weapon Info Spot

Your bat is a great weapon for you to use, but you won’t be using your Bat weapon from the beginning to the end of the game. Instead, you’ll want to find the Strongest Weapon by removing all the notes on the board in the shop.

For example, in this case, you’ll see that the strongest weapon is the hammer for that one game. The best weapon will be different for each game you play so always check the board!

Break In 2 Weapon Info

Wave 2

A long time has passed so you will need to deal with the second wave of enemies. Your minimum requirements will still be strength level 3 and you will be able to get through this just fine.

With the help of other players, you’ll be able to handle this wave quite easily. You also have a new piece of armor, which will greatly increase your survivability.

Break In 2 Wave 2

Speed Training

Along with strength, speed is also a really important stat that you need to increase. You will want to get a minimum of speed level 3. Speed level 3 will allow you to perform many of the tasks in-game faster. This will help you save lots of time as well as become more efficient in tough situations.

Break In 2 Speed

Dog’s Favorite Food

Next to the Gym area, you will be able to see some pieces of notes that needs to be removed. Remove them from the board and you will find the feeding instructions which are different every game you play. Once you feed the dog his favorite food, he will be on your team and assist you in battle.

Break In 2 Dog NPC

Pizza Man’s Fight

Just like in the original version of Break In, you’ll need to defeat the Pizza Man. The same rules apply: Attack him whenever he is drowsy. Your best way of fighting this NPC will be running away from him until he stops spinning. Then, attack him when he goes into the drowsy state.

On defeating the NPC, you will see a golden pizza box on the table. Each piece of pizza will give you a large chunk of health. If you accidentally got your health bar low after the fight, this is a really great way for you to recover and continue playing.

Break In 2 Pizza Man

Wave 3

Before Wave 3 of enemies start, you’ll want to get some resources for your teammates. To the right side of the house, you’ll find a path you can go along to find some food and drinks. There will be items like pizza boxes and cola cans to help your teammates stay healthy.

Break In 2 Wave 3

Strength level 3 will still be able to get you through Wave 3 just fine, and you can choose to increase the level further if you want to. Uncle Pete along with other characters will help you fight the big boss in the middle and lower his health by a significant amount.

After that, you and other players will defeat him by using your weapons and attacks. The boss will target one player at a time, and other players can damage him while he is chasing his target. If he chases you, run away from him and you will avoid the damage from his attacks.

Break In 2 Wave 3

Boss Fight

During the first phases of the boss fight, she will spawns a number of enemies which you will be able to defeat quite easily. Next, there will be an area that’s going to be highlighted in red. You will want to avoid that area and you will be able to dodge the lava.

Break In 2 Boss Fight

After that, the boss will appear and you will need to dodge her attacks. Before she performs any attacks, you will see the indicators that tell you the impact area. You will want to pay close attention and react to dodge these attacks.

When she stops attacking, she will be stunned for a short duration. During this time, you and your teammates will need to attack her on her back to turn the key there. Then, repeat the steps and you will be able to defeat her after all of her 3 hearts are gone.

Break In 2 Boss Fight

Robot Fight

The Robot Fight is the last stage, and also the most important stage for you. During this stage, you will not be revived or able to make a purchase to revive yourself, so be careful. Before he attacks, you will be able to see the trail patterns to react and dodge to avoid damage.

Break In 2 Robot

Another move that you will need to deal with is the move where the boss spawns enemies for you to defeat. They can really lower your health by a significant amount, so pay attention to your movements and avoid damage whenever you can.

Remember to stock yourself up with some resources to heal yourself up when necessary.

Break In 2 Enemies

The next attack can be confusing for you. During this move, the boss will either puts out his right hand or left hand. Your tip for dealing with this move is to run towards the right side if the boss puts out his right hand.

If he puts out his left hand, run towards the left. Keep paying close attention and you will be able to survive this move.

Break In 2 Hand Attack

More Tips & Tricks

  • When trying to go to the shelter, you can hold forward to get a head start.
  • Always try to get the box in the armor room since it can either hold discolored pizza or an energy drink.
  • You can also go to the gym first to either get 2 strength or 2 speed before the power turns back on.
  • If ever a gym delivery happens in the event, get the ladder and place it to make it easier to get to the maintenance room to get Detective Bradley.

After a while, you will be able to damage the boss and achieve victory in Break In 2. The key things you want to do are keeping your health bar high and dodging attacks. You may get hit a few times during these fights but remember that you have the food items to keep you safe. With a little bit of consistency, you’ll be able to reach the end of the storyline.

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