Dying Light 2: Get to The Radio Antenna

Start off your first mission in the Pilgrim’s Path quest!

Missions and quests in Dying Light 2 can give you rewards, resources, and EXP. Most missions in Dying Light 2 consists of multiple objectives. One of the objectives in the Pilgrim’s Path mission is to get to the radio antenna.

Get to Radio Antenna – Dying Light 2

The Pilgrim’s Path is the first main quest that you will receive in Dying Light 2. The questline serves as a tutorial for you to learn the basics of the game. However, you will also receive the first mission that you need to do on your own after getting your weapon.

The first mission you need to do is to get to the radio antenna, you will do this after parting ways with Spike in the tutorial.

Start making your way up the hill, following the path, and climbing the ladders on the cliff.

Keep looking for the ladders on the cliff and climbing them. You should also find multiple wooden platforms leading to a ladder on your left. After this, keep heading up until you see a zipline.

Use the zipline and enter the entrance to the cave. Follow the path inside the cave until you get out to the other side, where you will encounter zombies. Kick it off the cliff and climb the stone platforms in front of you.

Cross the wooden log and jump at the rope hanging in between the cliff to get to the other side.

Head north and start climbing up the ladders again. Once you climb the ladders, head left and you should get to the radio antenna.

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