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Who Am I?

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Hi all.

My name is Aleksandar and I am the creator of this forum and Item Level Gaming. Some of you might know me for my Roblox guides and others will probably be like: “Who’s this random dude?”.

That doesn’t matter. What matters to me is that you, the readers, the contributors to this forum all have a great user experience. With that said, I urge every one of you who has ideas to let me know! That goes for criticism as well. We’re not ashamed to admit, we aren’t perfect. We can do a lot of things better, so please, when we f up, don’t hesitate to let us know.

We want to make the biggest platform and community for Roblox and mobile gaming in the world and we can’t do that without your help! A one-stop shop for guides, information, community, and expression.

As I said, who I am doesn’t matter, you matter. Please don’t be shy to introduce yourselves as well!

Posted : 30/11/2023 1:23 pm

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