How To Get Perfect Taste – Destiny 2

Precise damage plus an accurate shot? Perfection!

All the hard work that you have done in your years of playing Destiny 2 will definitely pay off as you go on your journey of finding the Perfect Taste in the Dawning this year.

The game holds a yearly celebration commemorating the winter season called the Dawning. In this time-limited event, players are tasked to do specific challenges in exchange for high-quality rewards.

This year, the Dawning is a little different than it used to be before.

The goal for today’s event is to find ingredients, bake cookies, and give gifts to particular non-player characters or NPCs in the game. However, the ingredients are not that easy to find. Each ingredient is also obtained differently from the other.

One of the ingredients that you should know how to get is the Perfect Taste. This is an essential element in making the Gentleman’s Shortbread.

Obtaining the Perfect Taste

Source: ZaFrostPet

Perfect Taste is one of the rare items that will be used in baking one of the cookies to complete your task for this year’s Dawning.

What you have to do in order to have this is to get a headshot precision damage.

Source: ZaFrostPet

To do this, you can use any guns that you are familiar with or comfortable with. Look for any locations where you can encounter plenty of opponents. Once you are here, always equip your gun and aim for their heads.

If you are able to shoot the enemies in the head, there is a possibility that you can easily obtain the Perfect Taste. Just keep on popping off their heads and wait until you already got a hold of this rare ingredient.

Source: ZaFrostPet

This might take you a while especially if you are dealing with enemies that are moving. But keep on trying and you will also get a Perfect Taste drop.

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