Sonic Speed Simulator: All Fast Friend Machine Location Guide

Cosmetics and pets in multiplayer video games are always fun to collect because you can show it to other people. That’s why you should know where you can find these cosmetics or pets in the game so that you can do the same! In Sonic Speed Simulator, there are pets called Fast Friends, and unlike […] More

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How to Get All New 5 Badges & Morphs in Fundamental Paper Education 3D: Roleplay

Finding and unlocking new stuff like cosmetics can be fun since you can usually show it off in multiplayer games. That’s why a lot of players would want to know how to unlock them, and some games make that a main part of the game. In Fundamental Paper Education 3D: Roleplay, you can unlock a […] More

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AOT Revolution: Codes (Updated Daily)

We all love getting free stuff in video games especially if it helps lessen the grind even by a tiny bit. That’s why a lot of Roblox games out there often give out codes for players to redeem. It keeps old players happy and gives new players a nice jump start! In Attack On Titan […] More

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Project Mugetsu: Update 2 Tier List

Getting new content updates that add a bunch of new stuff for you to play with is always great. It’s always fun to try out new stuff and when games add big content patches for free, there’s always fun to be had. In Project Mugetsu, they’ve recently had their Update 2 in the game that […] More

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Roblox Bedwars: How To Use 3 Enchants Same Time with Any Kit

When going through PVP games, you’ll want to stack up as much advantage as you can to get ahead of everybody else. A lot of games let you do this through buffs or better gear to make you even more powerful. Then, there are ways that players find out and use to their advantage! In […] More

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