Sol’s RNG: All Secrets That You’ve Missed

Sol’s RNG is a game that relies heavily on luck and RNG with the main objective of obtaining auras. With more than 50 Auras, you can change your character’s look with all the amazing effects. Apart from the Aura system, you can also explore the in-game map and discover many Easter Eggs. In this article, […] More

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Tales of Tanorio: Which Starter Should You Choose?

Tales of Tanorio is a Roblox MMO game that belongs to the creature-catching genre. In the game, you will go on an amazing adventure to catch your own Tanorians. You will then be able to level up and evolve these Tanorians so they become stronger in various battles. When you first start in Tales of […] More

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Sol’s RNG: Best Settings Guide

In Sol’s RNG, your only important objective is to find the best auras you can possibly get. There are many different Auras you can obtain in the game, and they have different rarities. With the Settings, you will be able to skip the auras that you do not want and only keep the ones you […] More

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Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: Best Place To Farm Spruce

Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders is an RPG game with base-building elements. In the game, you will be going on an adventure as a hero who stands up to the injustice that haunts Sherwood. As you progress, you will fight, craft, steal, and help many others in the game. In Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders, […] More

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Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders: How To Buy Wire From Merchant?

As you go on your journey in Robin Hood – Sherwood Builders, there will be a lot of resources that you need to obtain. These resources allow you to craft and create many useful items that can help you survive against many different threats and overcome challenges. In this guide, we will show you how […] More

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