Peroxide: Update 4 Official Release Date & Fullbringer Guide

An official release date has been leaked!

Peroxide Update 4 Fullbringer Race

If you’ve been seeing green pieces of Scotch-Brite around the world of Peroxide for a while, then you know that this is the dev’s means of telling you that the Fullbringer race is coming, and it has! Information has been passed around (journalists would use the word “leaked) the discord between content creators, developers, and moderators as well.

Now is finally time to talk more about the Fullbringer Race, how to become one, and when will the update actually drop now that we’ve been given an actual date. Find out more by using your eyes on the article below!

Update 4 Official Release Date

There’s been plenty of Black Suits roaming around lately. At this point it’s clear that this is going to be the outfit Fullbringers are going to wear. This way players will be able to distinguish them from everybody else.

They also come with their own ability called Black Silence that looks very combo orientated. Along with all of that is the green colored aura the Fullbringers are normally associated with.

Peroxide Update 4 Fullbringer Race

The exact date for the new update is scheduled to go live on December 9th. Regardless if this is true or not, this is the date everyone will be working with until next week.

There’s also ben word going around that the mod who sent that message immediately deleted the message moments after sending it. Suspicious? Maybe? Intended? Who knows at this point.

Peroxide Update 4 Fullbringer Race

They even dropped a five minute showcase video that had Fullbringer content all over it. That was released a couple of weeks early as well. It wouldn’t be surprising if they drop another survey asking for fan input on what they want to see next.

Peroxide Update 4 Fullbringer Race

Becoming A Fullbringer

During a ranked session a player claimed that they ran into a Fullbringer in broad daylight. Unlike Bigfoot, this Fullbringer is being controlled by a mod.

The mod claimed that there’s a trainer in Hueco Mundo that lets you become one of them. Of course, you will only receive this ability once the update drops.

Nothing more has been stated by the perpetrator. He proceeded to leave and continued to spread the good word elsewhere. So watch out if you see this man out in the open!

Peroxide Update 4 Fullbringer Race

So, far that’s the news regarding Peroxide’s Update 4. At least, now you will know how to become a Fullbringer yourself before or after Christmas!

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