Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Where to Find Dreepy

Get this ghostly brave dragon, Dreepy!

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet retained some of the Pokemon from previous generations. One of these Pokemon is Dreepy.

Dreepy is a dragon and ghost-type Pokemon that was initially introduced during generation VIII. It is a hybrid and strong Pokemon which will really hype you up and make you want to catch this.

But you must remember that Dreepy is a Pokemon Violet exclusive one, so if you are playing in Pokemon Scarlet, there is just no chance for you.

However, if you really want this Pokemon, you have to prepare yourself as it will not be as easy as you may think.

That being said, we made this brief guide to help you locate Dreepy and catch it.

Where to Find Dreepy in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Source: AggronHD

First things first. If you want to encounter a Dreepy, you must first know the location it inhabits and the area where it spawns.

That being said, Dreepy can be found in the South Province (Area Five).

To easily get there, consider going to the Pokemon Center in the South Province (Area Three). Behind it, follow the straight path, and turn right to see a bridge.

Source: AggronHD

After that, keep heading down from the grassy area until you reach the muddy surface area. Here you can find a Dreepy wandering around.

However, it might take you a while in looking for it, hence it is a rare Pokemon.

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