Anime Adventures: Best Trading Value Tier List

Which characters are in demand and which aren’t?

Anime Adventures is a game that brings together various characters from popular anime series and lets you collect them in order to participate in various activities. There is a wide variety of both heroes and villains that you can acquire, and since you can trade with other players, you’re probably wondering what the value is for each one of them.

With that said, here is a trading value tier list detailing the worth of each character and whether or not their current cost is stable. All credit goes to Rexon on YouTube for creating an extensive spreadsheet for every unit in the game.

Best Trading Value Tier List

As a game that is regularly updated, the stats of various characters can change, and the rarity of some will cause their value to change over time.

With that said, this list will look at which units are worth their current value and whether characters from each tier are desirable or not at the moment.

Anime Adventures trade


Jio (Over Heaven) / Dio (SHINY)Owner’s choiceLowOverpriced
Future Guhon / Gohan (SHINY)Owner’s choiceLowStable
Future Guhon / Gohan16,000AverageStable
Jio (Over Heaven) / Dio15,000LowUnstable
Blue Devil / Rin (SHINY)12,250LowStable
Roger / Gol D. Roger (SHINY)8,000LowUnstable
Blue Devil / Rin7,500AverageStable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza (SHINY)5,350HighOverpriced
Android 21 (SHINY)5,250AverageStable
Homuru / Homura (SHINY)3,725HighStable
Emili / Emilia (SHINY)3,600LowStable
Toby / Tobi (SHINY)3,550Extremely lowStable
Skull Knight (SHINY)3,200AverageStable
Android 213,025AverageStable
Hie / Hiei (SHINY)3,000LowStable
Boron / Boros (SHINY)2,800AverageStable
Saicky / Saiki K (SHINY)2,700Very lowStable
Lulu / Lelouch (SHINY)2,000Very lowDeclining
JNelly / Jellal (SHINY)2,000LowAverage
Ging / Gin (SHINY)1,950AverageStable
Unohona / Unohana (SHINY)1,700AverageStable
Kumo / Kuma (SHINY)1,650Very lowStable
Mamy / Mamy (SHINY)1,500AverageStable
Anime Adventures future guhon


Saiky / Saiki1,485Very lowStable
Tango / Tengen (SHINY)1,425Extremely lowStable
Hie / Hiei1,400LowStable
Kumo / Kuma1,350Very lowStable
Flamingo / Doflamingo (SHINY)1,350LowStable
Roger / Gol D. Roger1,300LowStable
Power (SHINY)1,250LowStable
Ezra / Erza (Lightning) (SHINY)1,250Very lowStable
Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai) (SHINY)1,200Very lowStable
Merlyn / Merlin (SHINY)1,150Very lowStable
Piccoru / Piccolo (SHINY)1,000AverageStable
Yamomoto / Yamamoto1,000Very lowStable
Nejiri / Nejire975Very lowStable
Snake Princess / Boa (SHINY)950LowStable
Poseidon (SHINY)900Very lowStable
Rayleigh (SHINY)875Very lowStable
Kenshi / Kenshin (SHINY)850Very lowStable
Kimomaro / Kimimaro (SHINY)800Very lowStable
Temori / Temari (SHINY)800Very lowStable
Jozo / Jozu (SHINY)800Extremely lowStable
Shisu / Shisui (SHINY)775AverageStable
Ria / Rias (SHINY)750AverageStable
Mist Ninja / Zabuza725Very lowStable
Harribu / Harribel (SHINY)700LowStable
Angel (SHINY)675Very lowStable
Issai / Issei (SHINY)635LowStable
Bombietta / Bambietta (SHINY)625Very lowStable
Daky / Daki (SHINY)600Very lowStable
Ice Queen / Esdeath (SHINY)575Very lowStable
Homuru / Homura550AverageOverpriced
Akena / Akeno (SHINY)550Very lowStable
Nejiri / Nejire545Very lowStable
Gowther / Gowthy (SHINY)490Very lowStable
Heathcliff (SHINY)475Very lowStable
Yoshina / Yoshino (SHINY)475Very lowStable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu (SHINY)475Very lowStable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori (SHINY)470Very lowStable
Akin / Aki (SHINY)460Very lowStable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi (SHINY)460Very lowStable
Getu / Geto (SHINY)460Very lowStable
Madoko / Madoka (SHINY)450Very lowStable
Chainsaw (SHINY)430Very lowStable
Isago / Isagi (SHINY)425Very lowStable
Kenshi / Kenshin415Very lowStable
Luci / Lucy (SHINY)400LowStable
Kimomaro / Kimimaro400Extremely lowStable
Temori / Temari400Extremely lowStable
Ipo / Ippo (SHINY)400Very lowStable
Peruna / Perona (SHINY)390Very lowStable
Jozo / Jozu385Extremely lowStable
Buggy (SHINY)380Very lowStable
Sayako / Sayaka (SHINY)375Very lowStable
Minata / Minato (SHINY)375Very lowStable
Kuneko / Koneko (SHINY)375Very lowStable
Roshy / Roshi (SHINY)365Extremely lowStable
Koyka / Kyoko (SHINY)350Very lowStable
Klay/ Klein (SHINY)335Very lowStable
Todoro / Todoroki (SHINY)325Very lowStable
Weather / Weather Report (SHINY)325Very lowStable
Broke / Brook (SHINY)325Very lowStable
Emili / Emilia325LowStable
Avdo / Avdol (SHINY)300Very lowStable
Kizume / Kisame (SHINY)275Extremely lowStable
Ezra / Erza Valkyrie (SHINY)275Very lowStable
Hime / Himeno (SHINY)275Very lowStable
Kobeno / Kobeni (SHINY)275Very lowStable
Kit / Kite (SHINY)275Very lowStable
Toshin / Toshiro (SHINY)265Very lowStable
Skull Knight250LowStable
Ezra / Erza True Heart (SHINY)250Extremely lowStable
Anime Adventures hie


Flamingo / Doflamingo220Very lowStable
Kent / Kento (SHINY)215Very lowStable
Boron / Boros200LowStable
Lucky / Luck (SHINY)190Extremely lowStable
Lulu / Lelouch185Extremely lowDeclining
Moriu / Moria (SHINY)185Extremely lowStable
Fire Fist / Ace (SHINY)180Very lowStable
Ji Mo Ri / Jin Mori180Very lowStable
Inuyasha / Inuyashu180Very lowStable
Tatsumo / Tatsumi180Very lowStable
Yamomoto / Yamamoto (Hellfire)180Very lowStable
Ipo / Ippo165Very lowStable
Buggy160Very lowStable
Isago / Isagi160Very lowStable
Carrot (SHINY)155Very lowStable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino (SHINY)150Very lowStable
Mirka / Mirko (SHINY)140Very lowStable
Denjy / Denji Secret (SHINY)125Very lowStable
Power120Very lowStable
Merlyn / Merlin115Very lowStable
Haka / Haku (Reflection) (SHINY)110Extremely lowStable
Kisoko / Kisuke (Bankai)110Very lowStable
Poseidon105Very lowStable
Ezra / Erza Lightning100Very lowStable
Jelly / Jellal (Heaven)80Very lowStable
Angel70Very lowStable
Akin / Aki70Very lowStable
Ice Queen / Esdeath (Empire’s Strongest)70Very lowStable
Navi / Nami (SHINY)70Very lowStable
Daky / Daki65Very lowStable
Harribu / Harribel60Very lowStable
Heathcliff60Very lowStable
Mamy / Mami55Very lowStable
Veko (SHINY)50Extremely lowStable
Ria / Rias50Very lowStable
Akena / Akeno50Very lowStable
Issai / Issei50Very lowStable
Kuneko / Koneko50Very lowStable
Shisu / Shisui50Extremely lowStable
Piccoru / Piccolo50Extremely lowStable
Chainsaw / Denji50Extremely lowStable
Getu / Geto (Maximum)50Extremely lowStable
Luci / Lucy (All Keys)50Very lowStable
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow) (SHINY)50Extremely lowStable
Renzi / Renji (SHINY)50Extremely lowStable
Madoko / Madoka45Very lowStable
Navi / Nami45Very lowStable
Avdo / Avdol40Very lowStable
Klay / Klein40Very lowStable
Bombietta / Bambietta40Very lowStable
Oshy / Ai Hoshino35Very lowStable
Sayako / Sayaka30Extremely lowStable
Broke / Brook35Extremely lowStable
Peruna / Perona35Extremely lowStable
Ezra (Valkyrie) / Erza35Extremely lowStable
Snake Princess / Boa35Extremely lowStable
Minata / Minato35Extremely lowStable
Rayleigh35Extremely lowStable
Unohona / Unohana35Extremely lowStable
Anime Adventures ice queen


Kizume / Kisame30Extremely lowStable
Kyoka / Kyoko30Extremely lowStable
Hime / Himeno30Extremely lowStable
Tango / Tengen30Extremely lowStable
Kobeno / Kobeni25Extremely lowStable
Gowthy / Gowther25Extremely lowStable
Roshy / Roshi25Extremely lowStable
Tobi / Toby20Extremely lowStable
Ezra (True Heart) / Erza17Extremely lowStable
Getan / Geten (SHINY)15Extremely lowStable
Nightmare Luffo / Nightmare Luffy (SHINY)15Extremely lowStable
Shingo / Shinji (SHINY)15Extremely lowStable
Mecha Freezo / Mecha Frieza (SHINY)15Extremely lowStable
Heavy Weather / Weather Report15Extremely lowStable
Todorro / Todoroki13Extremely lowStable
Toshin / Toshiro10Extremely lowStable
Veko10Extremely lowStable
Ging10Extremely lowStable
Luci / Lucy10Extremely lowStable
Kent / Kento10Extremely lowStable
Kit / Kite10Extremely lowStable
Lucky / Luck10Extremely lowStable
Moriu / Moria10Extremely lowStable
Ezra / Erza10Extremely lowStable
Haku / Haku (Reflection)10Extremely lowStable
Fire Fist / Ace5Extremely lowStable
Ichi (Full Hollow) / Ichigo (Full Hollow)5Extremely lowStable
Renzi / Renji5Extremely lowStable
Luffo (Marine’s Ford) / Luffy (Marineford)5Extremely lowStable
Shingo / Shinji5Extremely lowStable
Getan / Geten5Extremely lowStable
Mecha Freezo / MechaFrieza5Extremely lowStable
Yoshina / Yoshino5Extremely lowStable
Carrot5Extremely lowStable
Mirka / Mirko5Extremely lowStable
Anime Adventures nightmare luffo

If you want a more detailed rundown of every single character, including how many of rare characters are estimated to be in the game and a list of worthwhile trading servers, check out this spreadsheet by Rexon.

And that concludes this trading value tier list for Anime Adventures. Hopefully, this will help you evaluate your trading options and determine whether or not you are getting fair trades with other players or if you need to wait until the price of something stabilizes first!

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