Item Level is constantly expanding and growing. There’s always a need for new and passionate team members. Currently our main priorities are development and content, so writers and developers are mainly what we’re looking for.

Nevertheless, if you think you can contribute to the ItemLevel project in any capacity which is not covered on this page, be sure to contact us!


ItemLevel is looking for gaming enthusiasts that both enjoy playing and writing about games. We cover a lot of games and here’s a small snippet of games that we cover:

  • Lost Ark;
  • Warframe;
  • Dead By Daylight;
  • Path Of Exile;
  • World Of Warcraft;
  • Final Fantasy XIV;
  • Monster Hunter Series;
  • Black Desert Online;
  • New World;
  • Destiny 2;
  • Genshin Impact;
  • & more.

Note: These are just a couple of games that we cover. You may apply and suggest games you play that we can cover.

Item Level tries to keep up with the trends, so big triple A, and new games are always being covered. You can contribute either by guest posting or by joining the Item Level Gaming team:

Full-Stack Developers

Full-Stack developers that can help with constant improvement and development of the site and server are welcomed, and encouraged to apply.

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue
  • PHP, ASP, Python, or Node
  • SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB

Note: You don’t need to be proficient in all categories mentioned. All that matters is that your skills can be used to further improve Item Level Gaming.

You can apply for this position by contacting us.

Useful Links

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