Clover Retribution: Best Traits Tier List

Making the game a little easier.

Clover Retribution is a newer Roblox game currently on the up and up. Inspired by the anime Black Clover, the game teasers are done in the quintessential anime art style. The game itself has players completing quests while they nurture their magical abilities. Therefore, by unlocking grimoires and utilizing powerful magics, players can become powerful wizards.

Best Traits Tier List

With its current popularity, the developers have been updating the game nonstop. With new magics constantly being added to the game, knowing which traits are actually useful can be difficult.

This list will run from rank S to rank D, with D being the worst trait and S being the best the game currently has to offer.

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S – Tier

  • Heavenly Restricted – This trait affects an 80% Mana reduction but makes up for it with +5 Strength, +10 Dexterity, and +10 Constitution.
    • Moreover, this trait also boosts Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing damage by up to 50%.
  • Monstrous Reserves – Gives +50% more mana (magic capacity)

A – Tier

  • Loved by Mana – Gives +250 Mana and an Aura. 

B – Tier

  • Noble – Gives +25 Mana boost. This helps enhance spell-casting capacity and magical abilities.

C – Tier

  • Finesse Master – Gives +5 Dexterity. 
  • Fighter – Improves physical mastery by giving +2 Strength and +2 Constitution.
  • Scholar – Gives the player +5 Intelligence for those who pursue the scholarly path.
  • Superior Speed – +5 Speed for heightened agility. This may aid greatly in combat but is not essential.

D – Tier

  • Average – Just like the name, Average doesn’t do anything special.
  • Mana Jump – Not a great trait because you can get it in-game, this makes the player more agile by giving them the ability to double-jump.
  • Gold Fever – Gives +10 Gold Acquisition for players who want to make some extra moolah in the game.

As you can see, the worst traits in the game are Average, Mana Jump, and Gold Fever, but mostly because they don’t really make the game easier or any more fun.

To get the most out of Clover Retribution, don’t settle for rank C or D traits and try grinding for S, A, and B tier traits. Given everything, we hope that this tier list is helpful at least for this patch update. 

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