Games are always pushing out new updates and mechanics to provide better gameplay. As such, issues may arise with the content we publish here on Item Level. Our guides and walkthroughs aim to help gamers worldwide and improve their gameplay experience.

That said, we strive to keep our content up to date. However, there are times when our content may become outdated due to new patches and updates regarding the game and this is where our Corrections Policy comes in.

Correcting Outdated Content

When a new update or game content comes out that affected our previously published content, we aim to correct our previous articles as soon as possible. This correction will include the new, updated information that is relevant to that topic.

We will also let you know the new changes that we have made so you are aware of the changes to the content. The publication date of the content will be modified as well, to further avoid confusion between readers and viewers.

Item Level Corrections Policy

If you notice any published content that is inaccurate or out of date due to recent changes, please let us know immediately. It will be a huge help for our staff so we can continue to provide accurate and factual content that will help readers around the world.