The goal of Item Level is to create content that will guide gamers and players through the mechanics, puzzles, and quests of various games. The staff of Item Level will put hours of research to provide content that is correct and helpful to players.

Misleading Headlines

As the gaming community continues to grow, more and more content creators are creating misleading headlines purely for clicks and views. Because of this, readers and gamers often find themselves disappointed with the content.

Item Level is different from other content creators, and we do not tolerate misleading headlines that can cause readers to take in misleading and incorrect information.

All of the content published by Item Level is carefully researched and uses multiple sources for correct and factual evidence. As much as possible, we will use official sources to provide the most recent information about a particular topic.

Player Reviews and Predictions

Multiple games publish new patches and updates daily. As such, predictions and player reviews are part of the content we aim to provide to the gaming community. However, rest assured that we will inform readers whenever we provide content that is based solely on speculation or predictions.

These speculations can come from the players themselves or other sources from the community of the game. We would like to let players know that these types of content should not be taken as an overall truth, especially if there are no official statements from the topic has been released.

No Bias Involved

Rest assured that the staff on Item Level provides content without any Bias. The content we provide is based solely on research, our own experiences, and speculations in accordance with the topic.

Up to Date Information

We strive to provide readers with the most recent and correct information about game mechanics and news. However, games are constantly being updated, which can create a conflict between our content and the recent changes in the game.

We will always do our best to provide the correct information when we write content to help our fellow gamers. However, the content we previously published may also be modified and edited afterwards to accommodate new updates to the game.

We will also let our readers know if the content has been altered due to recent updates. If you see any incorrect or outdated information about our content, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.