If you’re a new copywriter, or you want a platform to express yourself, then Item Level incentivizes anyone that wants to share something with the world. The whole guest posting process is pretty simple:

Write Your Article Piece

The first step is writing your piece. We don’t put restraints on guest posters for their form or style of writing, but it does help if the form of the article is similar to our other posts.

Also, make sure that it is factually correct, and the arguments and ideas are expressed in a clear fashion. We urge you to write your article based on any of the categories below:

  • Game Review
  • Game News
  • Guides
  • How-To
  • Location
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Beginner’s Guide

Make sure that the idea or subject you want to share with the world is not already covered by Item Level. You can do this by searching for it using the search button at the top.

Contact & Exchange Information

Once you’ve successfully completed your article, you can use the contact form below to shoot us a message. Item Level’s will do everything in its power to respond in a reasonable time.

At this point, voluntary writers can send the article for the evaluation process.

The evaluation process can take anywhere from 1-5 days after being given the article piece. So long as the article meets Item Level’s standards of writing and doesn’t violate any rules, the article will be set for publication.

The DON’Ts Of Guest Posting For Item Level

There are a couple of things that voluntary writers should avoid while writing their piece:

  • Plagiarizing;
  • Using copyrighted images or images that aren’t your own;
  • Frequent vocabulary and grammar mistakes;
  • Content which isn’t suited for the type of content that Item Level has;
  • Promotional, sponsored, or biased content within the article;
  • Bad quality links (Navigate to the Link section below to learn more about linking);
  • NSFW words or images.


Item Level accepts only quality internal links which are somehow connected to the main topic at hand. Only certain outbound links are accepted, while others are not.

If you’re considering to include some links be sure to contact us beforehand.

I’m Ready To Write – What Do I Do?

If you’re ready to express yourself on Item Level, you can use the contact form to get in touch. We accept every article which by guest posters, so long as it is within Item Level’s standards and doesn’t break any of the rules mentioned above.

With that said, guest posters can either contact us before or after writing their article. Express yourself today: