One Fruit Simulator: Dragon Talon Location & Showcase

Check out this brand new fighting style added to the game!

With the massive Rose Kingdom update of One Fruit Simulator being released recently, a ton of new content was added. Among the additions is the Dragon Talon fighting style, which you can get from the new island added in the Third Sea. Here is a quick guide on how you can get it, as well as what it can do!

Dragon Talon Location & Showcase

Upon reaching the new island, Dressrosa, go straight through the road until you reach a giant square. Turn left until you reach the colosseum, and then follow the road to the right.

Just before you reach the archway, turn left and simply follow along the wall until you reach the NPC called Dragon Claw. He will give you a quest to kill a boss called Chief Saba.

One Fruit Simulator dragon claw npc standing beside a wall out in the open

To find him, you will need to do the Wave Raid inside the colosseum. Grind through the enemies inside the colosseum until you get at least one Colosseum Ticket.

This will allow you to attempt the raid, which involves fighting off hordes of enemies, followed by a couple of bosses. At the end, you will face off with Chief Saba, who has over 800 billion health.

It is recommended to do this raid with friends to make it a little easier. After killing the final boss, return to the Dragon Claw NPC and pay him 500 million to receive the Dragon Talon fighting style.

One Fruit Simulator fighting the chief saba boss inside the colosseum raid activity

Dragon Talon Moves

The Dragon Talon fighting style has five moves, and they can deal a ton of damage with the right build and buffs.

It has fairly simple and somewhat repetitive animations/effects, so it isn’t too flashy when it comes to aesthetics. With all of that said, here are its abilities:

  • Dragon Claw – A forward punching attack that deals damage in a cone.
  • Dragon Breathe – User punches the ground and deals damage around them.
  • Dragon Rush – Similar to Dragon Claw, but with a slight dash at the beginning.
  • Dragon Slashes – A barrage of quick slashes that deals damage in a short range.
  • Dragon Wind – Summons a cone of fire that burns the target for a few seconds and explodes.
One Fruit Simulator player using the new dragon wind ability

And that is everything you need to do in order to get the new Dragon Talon fighting style in One Fruit Simulator. If you haven’t fully explored the new features of this update, check out our guide on how to awaken the Rubber, String, and Gravity fruits.


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