One Fruit Simulator: How to Awaken Rubber, Gravity, & String Fruit + Showcase

How do you awaken all of these different fruits?

One Fruit Simulator has just released a so-called big update, which added a whole lot of new content and even raised the level cap by thousands! A small part of this massive patch is the addition of an awakened version of the Rubber, Gravity, and String fruits. In this guide, we’ll quickly show you how to get them!

How to Awaken Rubber, Gravity, & String Fruit + Showcase

In order to awaken all three of these fruits, you must first travel to the new island called Dressrosa, which is in the third sea. There, you have to farm the following bosses:

  • Gravitora – Drops Gravity Keys for Gravitora Raid.
  • Flamingo – Drops String Keys for Flamingo Raid.
  • Ruffy (Rose) – Drops Rubber Keys for the Ruffy Raid.

SIDE NOTE: For more details regarding the Rose King Update, make sure to check out our complete guide for that topic too!

After getting a key, you can start their respective raids by speaking with their specific raid NPC that will be hanging out very close to the bosses themselves.

The Ruffy and Flamingo raid NPCs in particular are quite literally just behind both of these bosses, in the building with the orange roof.

One Fruit Simulator location of the ruffy boss on the new island

Each of these bosses drop essence for their respective fruits. They have billions of health, so be prepared for quite a long and arduous grind if you want to awaken these fruits.

You will need to beat them many times to get all of the necessary essence. In total, you will need this much essence to fully awaken each of the fruits:

  • Awakened Gravity – 83 Gravity Essence
  • Awakened String – 83 String Essence
  • Awakened Rubber – 116 Rubber Essence

Once you have all of the required materials, equip the fruit that you want to upgrade and speak with the Fruit Awakening NPC to upgrade and use the new skills.

One Fruit Simulator talking to one of the fruit awakening npcs in the world

Awakened Gravity

The Awakened Gravity fruit has a decent mix of utility and damage, mainly focusing on area of effect attacks for its offensive options. Its abilities are the following:

  • Gravity Repel – Short range blast that presumably also has a knockback effect.
  • Meteor Shower – Calls down three meteors from the sky that deal damage on impact.
  • Awakened Gravity Flight – Allows the user to fly around while standing on a floating rock.
  • Gravity Pressure – Deals damage in a small area around the user.
  • Asteroid Field – Similar to Meteor Shower, but with a lot more meteors.
  • Extinction – Calls down an incredibly massive meteor that deals damage in a large area.
One Fruit Simulator player using the asteroid field ability of awakened gravity

Awakened String

The Awakened String fruit is a fairly straightforward choice that has a ton of damage potential. The full kit includes the following skills:

  • String Bisection – Short range attack that deals damage in a line in front of the user.
  • Flaming Threads – Same as the previous ability, but with a fire-themed effect.
  • Heavenly Threads – Lets the user hover around as if they are flying.
  • Chromatic Laceration – Very colorful short range attack wherein the user slashes twice in front of them.
  • Thread Prison – Summons a series of strings at the target location, which then blows up after a couple of seconds.
  • Break White – Fires a series of explosive projectiles at the target location.
One Fruit Simulator player using the break white ability of awakened string

Awakened Rubber

The Awakened Rubber is an iconic fruit that has some very hard-hitting but fairly short range damage dealing abilities. Its kit includes the following:

  • Jet Pistol – Delivers a powerful strike that deals damage in a line in front of the user.
  • Jet Stomp Gatling – The user jumps up and starts stomping the ground below them.
  • Grizzly Magnum – The user summons two giant hands that wind up for a second before dealing damage in front of them.
  • Elephant Gatling – Short range barrage attack that deals a ton of damage in an area in front of the user.
  • Red Hawk – Charges up a punch that also summons a pillar of fire on impact.
  • Fourth Gear – User shifts into the Gear 4 form with a new set of abilities. Check out our guide on Gear 4 for more information.
One Fruit Simulator player using the fourth gear ability of awakened rubber

And that is pretty much how you can get the three new awakened fruits in One Fruit Simulator. This update came with a lot of new additions, and that also means new codes to use in One Fruit, so go and get those freebies while you can!


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