Endnight Games, Ltd. birthed a horror survival game called “Sons of the Forest”, and it’s the offspring of their previous indie sensation, “The Forest“. This sequel has already teased us with three trailers and finally dropped on February 23, 2023. Survival is still the name of the game, but with an added emphasis on flexing your combat and exploration skills.

With all of that exploration, there’s a whole world of mysteries to unravel! The world is filled with different points of interest like: books, keycards, documents, clothing, food, villages, bases, ammo, and much more. You can use our Sons of the Forest interactive map to find any location in the game!

Interactive Map for Sons of the Forest

DISCLAIMER: Please note that this map does not originate from us, but from Map Genie! Be sure to check them out, they have a lot of interactive maps for other games too.

Using the interactive map above, players can find the following locations:

  • Locations
    • 3D Printers;
    • GPS Locators;
    • Abandoned Camps;
    • Points of Interest;
    • Ammo Cases;
    • Spawn Points;
    • Cannibal Camps;
    • Supply Cases;
    • Cave Entrances;
    • Villages;
    • Exits;
  • Collectibles
    • Keycards;
    • Books;
    • Documents;
    • Magazines;
  • Items
    • Air Canisters;
    • Pills;
    • Booze;
    • Plants;
    • Cloth;
    • Rope;
    • Clothes;
    • Snacks;
    • Coins;
    • Soda;
    • Crates;
    • Tape;
    • Crossbow Bolts;
    • Tarp;
    • Equipment;
    • Utility Items;
    • Explosives;
    • Watches;
    • Flares;
    • Weapons;
    • Gear;
  • Natives
    • Mutant;
  • Wildlife
    • Deer;
    • Seagull;
    • Fish;
    • Shark;
    • Moose;
    • Turtle;
    • Oyster;
  • Miscellaneous
    • Doors;
    • Ponds;
    • Golf Balls;
    • Radios;
    • Graves;
    • Skulls;
    • Miscellaneous.

Other Helpful Information:

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