20 Hidden Details In The Hogwarts Legacy Launch Trailer

Some extra information about Hogwarts Legacy that you might have missed!

Just a couple of days left until we get our hands on a copy of Hogwarts Legacy and enjoy the game for what it is. Until then the only thing that we have going about it are the trailers that get released every now and then.

The latest one is the Hogwarts Legacy Launch Trailer that came out just a couple of days back. In this article, we are going to go through the trailer and give you the biggest and most important 20 Hidden Details in it. Let’s get started.

Hogwarts Legacy Launch Trailer – 20 Hidden Details

Detail #1

At the very beginning of the trailer, we are able to see a road with a lot of signs on it. This tells us that we will be able to travel around the area of Hogwarts and not just in the castle itself.

Detail #2

As keep going in the trailer you are able to tell that the field guide. What is interesting about this shot is that the player is standing in front of the Fat Lady.

That must say that there’d be a cutscene for every common room with the paintings.

Detail #3

The player will open up the book and from it, we see a whole lot of different symbols as you can see in the picture above.

Will we be able to interact with all of them in the game too? Let’s hope that we can.

Detail #4

Another very interesting part about this scene is that Professor Weasley is giving us the book and will turn a golden snitch into a butterfly.

So we can expect that she’d be a recurring character giving us instructions as we play the game.

Detail #5

The Magical Creature professor has a lot of magic to display the details of the creature and we must wonder if this could be her Patronus.

We can expect some interesting hunts for magical creatures.

Detail #6

When the scene comes with the reveal of the wand given to the character, we can see that in the background there’s a picture with something that looks like a staff.

Detail #7

You can tell that this wand looks like the ancient magic swirls that are presented to the player throughout the story of the game.

In the next scene throughout the trailer, we can tell that the same wand is being used by the player and which is glowing with what looks like ancient magic.

Could this possibly be Merlin’s Wand? Maybe not, but we will have to wait and see with the release of the game.

Detail #8

When embarking on the quest with Figg we are able to see a central orb in an area presumably with ancient magic, mainly because of all the magical swirls we can see around it.

Could this be something that Merlin has created? Maybe not, but who’s to tell?

Detail #9

From this cave, you can tell that there is a pensieve at the center which the player will most likely be looking for.

The cave is most likely underwater and probably the Black Lake. We can see waterfalls at the windows which leads us to think this.

Detail #10

There are a whole lot of magical swirls throughout this section of the trailer.

Maybe we will have to perform some ancient magic to interact with them as a way to verify our identity and grant us access to the secrets contained within them.


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