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24-Inch VS 27-Inch Monitor: Which One Can Better Meet My Needs?

Which one will Suit you Better?!

No matter what you will be doing on your PC you will need to have a monitor. Having a bigger or smaller monitor will tailor your whole experience differently based on the many needs that you might have as a PC user.

In this article we shall be discussing the many needs that you will want to meet by owning a 24 or 27 inched monitors. Let’s see them all and then conclude with choosing a winner over both of them.

Which One Can Better Meet My Needs? – 24-Inch VS 27-Inch Monitor

Although having any type of monitor will more or less do a very good and significant job performance for no matter what you’re doing on it, still there are some advantages as well as disadvantages because of their size.

Here we shall mention just a couple of the most useful needs that you might need to be satisfied by both of these types of monitors:

General Purpose Needs

These 24-inch and 27-inch displays will serve your needs well if the only purpose of the monitor is to view movies or play video games. In point of fact, the majority of casual users won’t be able to tell much of a difference between 24-inch and 27-inch displays.

Nevertheless, if you want to improve the quality of the information you view on your display, your first attention should be on upgrading the resolution.

Monitors with a resolution of 1080P are technically inferior than those with a resolution of 1440P. Therefore, choose the appropriate choice and you must know that this resolution is most often seen on 27inch monitors.

Programing Needs

The majority of programmers used to work on monitors that were 24 inches in size; however, many of them have since shifted to screens that are larger.

You are able to view more programming codes because to the larger display provided by the 27inch displays. Therefore, it is appropriate for use with complicated programming programs.

A monitor that is both larger and has more space gives you the ability to open many windows while yet allowing you to work uninterrupted. Therefore, it will increase the performance of your programs.

Office & Work Needs

The majority of individuals hold the opinion that more space is preferable for office work. On the other hand, this is not always the case. To begin with, monitors with a screen size of 24 inches are more reasonably priced.

Second, your workplace will have more room available thanks to the smaller footprint of these displays. The monitors with a screen size of 24 inches will be sufficient for the majority of office tasks.

Nevertheless, if you operate a larger workplace and more money to spend, a monitor with a 27-inch screen is also an option. Monitors with a screen size of 24 inches will be perfect in any other case.

Space Needs

For example if you do need to have more space around your monitor and work table or desk where you would like to place your display monitor, a smaller choice would be much more suitable.

You will definitely want to go with the 24 inches monitor for this one because overall the 27 inched display will take up a lot of room. Also, if you decide to go for 2 monitors next to each other, you will have way more extra breathing space for 24-inches monitors instead of the 2 larger ones next to each other.

Reading Needs

We wanted to address this because some people can be puzzled whether a bigger screen can be worse for the eyes or a smaller one.

Let’s say you have a smaller screen, in this case a 24inched display is not small at all but smaller than the 27 inched monitor, you will need to be watching much smaller types of texts or any types of things that you need to focus on.

If you are using the larger monitor on the other hand, you will have a much bigger display but you shall need to be going left and right with your eyes easily getting them tired.

These are things that you should not consider at all because the easy-to-read distance is basically the same for both of them. The 3 inched difference is so small so that it won’t affect your reading difficulties at all.

Budget Needs

As you might have guessed, the 27 inched monitors are much pricier than the 24 inched ones. So if you are on the budget, you will definitely want to go smaller in the display size. Always look out for the resolution and pixes when buying one because not always will the size be a factor for the price.

Gaming Needs

Gamers will like the additional few inches of screen space provided by the monitor, which also has a higher resolution for gaming. Except if you are a fan of first-person shooters, the majority of games will work well with displays measuring 27 inches.

These monitors typically feature a resolution of 1440p and have improved refresh rates and response times. Playing video games on larger displays with higher resolutions and refresh rates will become an activity that you look forward to.

In addition to this, competitive gamers will really value the additional three inches of screen space that their gaming display provides them. It provides gameplay that is both engrossing and fantastic, and you will like playing it.

On the other hand, there are gamers and especially those in high competitive e-sports matches, that tend to use the smaller 24inched monitor. The reason behind this is the more compact and tight visuals that this screen can provide you and your ability to catch motions and things needed to be seen easier and faster with your eyes.

Winner: 27 – Inch Monitor

When it comes to monitors it really boils down to personal preference depending on how big of a monitor you actually want to have. You can see all the needs listed above that will satisfy depending on whta type of monitor you are looking for and for what different type of need.

Overall, we will choose the bigger one, or the 27inched one, as the winner and the better one since it can bring you the most amount of needs and satisfies way more than the 24-inched monitor. But still it is up to you to decide which one will suit you better.

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