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All Vanahiem Rune Locations on Fjordur – Ark Survival Evolved

Let’s find all the Vanahiem Runes!

Ark Survival Evolved is a fun and interesting game that has a huge explorable map. It has tons of hidden things inside of them and of those hidden things is the Runes. In this guide, we will show you how to find Vanahiemm Runes in Fjordur. Let’s get started.

Ark Survival Evolved – All Vanahiem Rune Locations on Fjordur

Vanaheim Rune 1

This one will be located in the little tunnel that will be in the open ground as shown on the picture. Coordinates are 12.3 64.4:

Vanaheim Rune 2

This one is right above the picture shown on the top. Simply follow the big cave tunnel system until you reach the very end of it. Coordinates are 01.3 69.7:

Vanaheim Rune 3

At the very top of this forestry hill area, you will have to find this little lake. Next to the lake in the bottom of the rocks will be your next rune. Coordinates are 00.0 68.8:

Vanaheim Rune 4

You can see this big tree sort of leaning and growing up into the air. You will find the Rune basically on the side of it. Coordinates are 19.5 74.8:

Vanaheim Rune 5

On the opposite side of the leaning tree, or directly left from the circle shown in the picture above, you’ll find your next rune. It will be on a little cliff higher from ground level. Coordinates are 27.7 63.3:

Vanaheim Rune 6

When you reach the Coordinates you’ll see a purple pillar going up in the sky from around a small little lake. You will find the Rune right next to it. Coordinates are 30.7 75.7:

Vanaheim Rune 7

This one is right above the lake. You will see a big branch leaning to the right and going inside the mountain. The Rune will be on top of it. Coordinates are 31.8 83.0:

Vanaheim Rune 8

This is very close to the previous location too. You will see that big tree on the opposite side of this branch. Coordinates are 29.6 89.8:

Vanaheim Rune 9

This is easy to find. Around the coordinates, you’ll see a small lake. A little higher from the lake there’ll be a branch, here you’ll find it. Coordinates are 18.8 99.9:

Vanaheim Rune 10

This is close to the 9th one. Follow the coordinates and the rune will be next to the lake. Coordinates are 10.5 97.0:

Vanaheim Rune 11

When you get to this waterfall area, make sure to aim for the middle one. Behind the water, you’ll find the rune. Coordinates are 00.0 99.7:

Vanaheim Rune 12

This is literally above the waterfall on the top of this pointed rock. Coordinates are 00.0 99.9:

Vanaheim Rune 13

For this one, you will have to enter the opening in the ground. The rune will be at the very end of it. Coordinates are 00.6 88.7:

Vanaheim Rune 14

Exactly where you found the previous rune, just enter the waterfall behind it. Enter the cave and at the end of it you’ll find the rune. Coordinates are 02.2 91.7:

Vanaheim Rune 15

Here you will find one at the bottom around the lake. And another one at the top where there will be a crack in the ground of diamonds. Coordinates are 11.1 83.1:

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