ABA: Gojo Rework Complete Guide & Best Combos

How does the new Gojo work?

Anime Battle Arena is a fighting game on Roblox where you get to pick from a diverse cast of characters taken from various popular anime franchises and duke it out with other players.

Among the recent changes with the Christmas update is a rework of Gojo, so let’s take a look at how this character works now.

Gojo Rework Complete Guide & Best Combos

With the reworked Gojo, he gets four abilities that do the following:

  • Red – Blasts your target for a bit of damage and knocks them back a fair distance away.
  • Beatdown – A flurry of blows that deals a small amount of damage. This can be cancelled with basic attacks in order to deal even more damage before the ability ends.
  • Blue – Activates a temporary buff that slightly alters how your other abilities work. Activating the ability again will cause you to stun the target. This also increases basic attack damage.
  • Infinity – Teleports you behind an enemy if they try to hit you while this ability is active.

He can also transform into an alternate mode, which enhances all of his abilities and allows him to deal even more damage.

In this mode, the user can press G to execute a nearby enemy who is under a certain health threshold.

ABA Gojo awakening

Best Combos to Try

As mentioned earlier, one of the simplest combos you can do with his kit is to cast Beatdown and cancel it before it ends with a string of basic attacks.

The following are some of the slightly more complex combos that you can attempt with this character:

  • Use Infinity to counter a guard break and immediately use Beatdown and Red right after. Activate Blue as Red is charging to teleport behind your target.
  • Activate Blue as you launch your opponent into the air, then immediately cast Beatdown and cancel it to take advantage of more boosted basic attacks.
  • Counter a guard break with Infinity and immediately hold jump and Mouse 1 to launch your opponent and string basic attacks in the air followed by a down slam.
ABA black flash

Hollow Purple Nuke

While not exactly a combo, you can also cast Hollow Purple Nuke by activating your transformation and attacking enough to activate Black Flash, which is indicated by a special particle effect at the end of your basic attack string.

After that, cast Blue and then launch the projectile into the air. Then, cast Red while aiming at the Blue orb that you just launched and upon contact, it will trigger a large explosion that deals damage to everything within range.

ABA hollow purple nuke

And that is everything you need to know about the newly reworked Gojo in Anime Battle Arena. Now get out there and start beating your opponents to a pulp with his new kit!

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