Adopt Me: Desert Egg Update Complete Guide

How to get the Royal Desert Egg this update!

Sphynx Desert Egg Adopt Me

Roblox Adopt Me has recently received an update that introduces the Sphinx. Players can get up to two brand-new pets every day. Also in this event, players can open the Desert Egg after a certain number of days as long as all the puzzles are completed. In this guide, I’ll guide you through all the nitty-gritty of the Desert Egg Update in the game!

Desert Egg Update Complete Guide

The Desert Egg is situated at the center of the map floating in front of the Sphynx. Players have to find 12 different statues and place them on the correct pedestals. 

Each correct statue will concentrate a laser/beam of light toward the Desert Egg. Players can get two statues a day

There is a bug that allows players to get the third statue early, but exploiting this bug isn’t as great as it seems.

The developers of Adopt Me have already said that they will probably roll back the progress to even out the event progress for everyone.

Adopt Me Desert Egg Update

How to Find All 12 Statues

To trigger the quest, approach the Sphynx and it will tell you to get 12 statues. Here are the locations of the first 2 statues players can get so far.

Statue 1

The first statue will be a fox/werewolf located here.

Desert Egg Statue 1

Place it on the pedestal closest to where it spawns. This will be the first pet.

Statue 2

Once you get the fox/werewolf, you will have to wait 30 minutes before the next one spawns. You can click the Desert Egg on the lower left corner and there will be a countdown that shows you when the next statue spawns.

Desert Egg Statue 2

A great hint is that a cloud of dust and a timer will appear where the next statue will spawn. You can use this indicator on the next days of the Desert Egg event.

Likewise, this is where the second statue will be. Grab it and then place it on the pedestal with the fish symbol.

Desert Egg Other all statues

You will notice that these statues correspond thematically to the symbols above each pedestal. For more details, you can check out this dedicated guide on how to find all 12 Statues!

So, to get through this whole event, make sure you log in every day and collect the two statues that spawn. This event will span six days for a total of 12 statues.

If you want to learn how to get other high-value pets with money, here’s our guide on how to get rich quick in Adopt Me.

And that’s everything you need to know about the Desert Egg event update in Adopt Me. Make sure you log in and get the rest of the statues for the rest of the Desert Egg update, and happy pet collecting!

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