All 12 Paper Theater Puzzles – Genshin Impact

Encore, encore!

If you’re in the mood for some festival fun this Lunar New Year, then Genshin Impact has the perfect event for you. If you are expecting some hardcore boss fights with large Chinese dragons, then you may get disappointed. But don’t leave just yet! Because this event is really fun.

It’s called the Paper Theater Performance, and you get to use your brain in order to solve these puzzles. It involves having to move around tiles while the main character reaches his goal.

If you’re interested, then we have a guide for all 12 Paper Theater puzzles below!

Genshin Impact – All 12 Paper Theater Puzzles

Homecoming Scene 1

The main character will move at a fixed pace and will turn around if they hit the edge of the theater or any obstacle. Be careful, as there will be some traps in the way, which will be highlighted in red. If the main character touches them, then the performance will fail.

The main goal of this is to have the main character reach the goal to end the performance. To do that, you will need to move the tiles around in order for the main character to reach the goal. 

Homecoming Scene 1 is easy, all you need to do is move the left tile while the main character is on it and move it to the middle tile.

This will let the main character reach the goal on the right tile.

Homecoming Scene 2

Homecoming Scene 2 introduces the first trap, which is a spiked bamboo trap. The goal is on the right tile with an obstacle to its left.

  1. Move the right tile with the door to the middle.
  2. Once the main character walks into the obstacle and walks back to the left tile, move the left tile to the right tile. The main character should then be able to make it to the goal in the middle tile.

Homecoming Scene 3

Homecoming Scene 3 is the last scene for Homecoming, but it is also where things start to get tricky.

The left tile has a locked symbol on it, meaning you cannot move this tile. What’s also new is the goal, which is a female character.

  1. When the scene starts, you need to move the right tile to the middle tile before the main character walks into the middle tile.
  2. The main character will hit the obstacle and start going left. Right after he starts going left, immediately swap the middle tile with the right tile so that it’s back to what it originally was.

The main character will reach the female character, thus ending the Homecoming scenes.


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