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All 8 Enkanomiya Elemental Monument Totem Puzzles – Genshin Impact

Zap all these Elemental monuments to life!

Enkanomiya is filled with different treasure chests and rewards. If you are someone who would like to get their Enkanomiya progression to 100%, solving these elemental monument puzzles may be key. Here are all the elemental puzzle locations in Enkanomiya.

Elemental Totem Puzzles in Enkanomiya — Genshin Impact

Before you start activating Elemental Monuments all over Enkanomiya, bring out a Hydro character like Barbara, a Cryo character like Kaeya, and an Electro character like Lisa. We will be needing these elements in activating the totems.

  • The first totem is in the southwestern part of Serpent’s Bowels, at the very edge of the map. Simply hit the totems with an electro attack clockwise.
  • Next, use theteleport waypoint in the middle and go east. This time, activate the electro totems counterclockwise.
  • Go to the northwestern teleport of Dainichi Mikoshi and head north. You should see two wooden crates on the ground, destroy them to get access to the underground area. Hit the south totem first, then the northern totem, and lastly the totem inside the barrier.
  • Use the eastern teleport waypoint in Dainichi Mikoshi this time. Outside the temple are hydro totems, activate them in any order to get access to the chest in the middle.
  • Head to the northern teleport waypoint in Dainichi Mikoshi and go north, gliding towards the small islet to the north. Use the teleportation portal here and you will get to the invisible island. Activate the totems in any order and be prepared to fight enemies.
  • Go to the Evernight Temple this time and use the central teleport waypoint. Activate the rightmost totem first, and then the second totem to the left. Activate the leftmost totem, and lastly the third totem.
  • Lastly, go to the southwest of the Evernight Temple and activate the Hydro totems in any order to get a key sigil.

Now go and complete your exploration of Enkanomiya!

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