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All Dainichi Mikoshi Elemental Monument Totem Puzzles | Genshin Impact

Activate all these Hydro monuments in Dainichi Mikoshi!

An Elemental monument requires a specific elemental attack to activate. You are going to need a character with the exact same elements as the monument to activate it. Here are all of the Elemental Monument Totem puzzles that you can find in the Dainichi Mikoshi. 

Dainichi Mikoshi Elemental Monument Locations — Genshin Impact

There are a total of three Elemental Monument Locations in Dainichi Mikoshi. Bring out a Hydro character like Barbara before you head out. You can find all of them below on the map. 

The first Elemental elemental monument is on the northern teleport waypoint of Dainichi Mikoshi. You will find three wooden crates here that you need to break to get to the underground room. Once in the underground room, you will find three Hydro elemental monuments. 

Activate the left monument first, then the right and use a ranged Hydro attack to activate the monument inside the barrier. The next elemental monument is on the easternmost teleport waypoint of Dainichi Mikoshi. 

You can activate the Hydro elemental monument here in any order to get the chest in the middle of the area.  Lastly, use the central teleport waypoint and go south to get to the last Elemental Monument. Go inside the temple and climb up the wall with the symbols. 

Activate the Hydro monument here to open the door.

And that completes all the Elemental Monument puzzles in Dainichi Mikoshi!

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