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All Gas Vein Locations on Fjordur Ark Survival Evolved

Gas, gas, gas!

Ark Survival Evolved features many resource locations you can search for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to scrounge up as much as you can, take note of it and come back so you’ll have a source for a specific resource etc. Such resource location available in the game is called a Gas Vein, which spews out Congealed Gas Balls over time. If you’re searching for Congealed Gas Balls, then you need to search for Gas Veins to collect them.

Ark Survival Evolved – All Gas Vein Locations on Fjordur

There are two separate caves you need to visit in order to find all of the Gas Veins. Bear in mind that these caves are going to be far from each other, so making a trek from one cave to another will take some time and some resources. Make sure to be prepared, or at least take a break after visiting one cave.

The first cave you’ll be visiting is the Vardiland Cave, located in the snowy mountains at the bottom left of the map. The exact coordinates are 86.1, 05.3.

Venture deep inside the cave until you reach a large room with one pathway leading to the center platform. At the entrance, look to your left and you’ll see a glowing entrance, but there’s a huge gap between you.

Make your way to the entrance however you like and continue inside until you reach a large cavern. There are a total of 5 Gas Veins in this room, so we’ll start with the closest one to the entrance and make our way to the farthest one. 

Once you reach a large room that’s glowing blue, look for the purple light source. That’s how you can tell it’s a Gas Vein. You’ll see a canister-like contraption, which is the Gas Vein you’re looking for. The exact coordinates are 84.1, 13.2.

The second Gas Vein is not far from the first one. Again, look for a canister-like contraption that’s glowing purple. The exact coordinates are 83.4, 14.3.

The third Gas Vein requires a bit of a jump, as you’ll have to traverse over a chasm. Once you do, you’ll find the Gas Vein on the other side. The exact coordinates are 85.0, 16.2.

The fourth Gas Vein is located close to the third. The exact coordinates are 81.7, 16.8.

The final Gas Vein of the Vardiland Cave is located at the coordinates 81.5, 15.0.

The next cave will require a swim underwater. You will need to venture to the coordinates 41.3, 31.7 in order to find the entrance to the Vannaland Cave, where you’ll find 4 Gas Veins inside.

Dive down the water until you see a cave at the bottom of the floor. The coordinates should 39.8, 31.6.

Swim deeper inside until you reach an entrance that prevents the water from getting in. Once inside, you’ll find a large cavern with green lighting in it. Finding the Gas Vein is easy, as it will be glowing purple. The exact coordinates for the first Gas Vein are 34.5, 32.2.

The second Gas Vein is located under a stone bridge, not far from the first Gas Vein. The exact coordinates are 33.5, 31.2.

The third Gas Vein is in an open area next to some plants. The exact coordinates are 32.6, 32.8.

The last Gas Vein is located next to some rock formation. The exact coordinates are 33.3, 33.1.

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