All Star Tower Defense: How To Get & Enter Portal (New Event)

Enter Portals and clear rounds for rewards!

The new Roblox All Star Tower Defense event means new codes, abilities, and a new feature called Portals. If you aren’t familiar, you can enter Portals with up to 5 other players and clear them. Each Portal can range up to Tier 1 to 4, with 4 being the hardest. A Portal can also grant modifications and other gameplay restrictions to challenge or buff the team. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get and enter Portals from this new event.

How To Get and Enter Portals

Portals are obtained as a drop for every 10 waves you clear in Infinite mode, after the first 30 waves. Any Portal can have the chance to be a Golden Portal, which means better prizes.

Open Your Portal

To open the Portal, open it near the World 1 Infinite Desk. Once you place the portal, you can’t pick it back up. You can also see the categories and enchants for the Portal on the Raid once you place it down. 

This is what a Portal looks like.

Additionally, if you’re in a group, you can’t enter the Portal until the Host enters – when they do, you’ll have 10 seconds before the Portal enters. Entering the Portal is simple, just walk in!

Portal Rewards

You can only get 1 Portal per run, and the game won’t notify you if you get a Portal or not, so be mindful of how many waves you’ve beat in Infinite mode. You can get Evolution Materials and a chance for a new unit after clearing a portal. 

Just a gameplay still on All Star Tower Defense.

The harder the Portal, the higher the chances you get at better prizes. Here’s a list of the things you can get from portals so far:

  • Underachiever – Chance drop from Tier 4 Portals
  • 6 Star Future T Pink (Rage) – Obtainable in All Golden Star Portals
  • 6 Star Supa Future T (Rage) – Obtainable in all Normal Portals
  • New Orb for 6 Star God Black Fusion available in Portals as a drop

And that’s how you get and enter Portals from the new event! If you’re interested in more changes from this latest update, here’s a list of all the updated codes in All Star Tower Defense.


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