An Alarming Development Quest Guide in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Uh-oh, things are getting complicated!

With the Thrills and Frills Update, Oswald is finally in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it looks like there is something wrong going on with him. In “An Alarming Development” Quest, your job is to help Oswald wake up by trying different methods. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how you are going to complete this quest.

An Alarming Development Quest

The first part of the quest requires you to gather some materials. As most of them are common ones, you might already have some of them ready when you receive the quest. Here is a list of the materials and how to get them if you do not have them in your inventory yet.

  • Mechanical Parts (35): Copper, required for Brass and Bronze Ingots used in the construction of Mechanical Parts, can be obtained via breaking mining in all biomes of Eternity Isle or by extracting it from Copper Rocks. Comparably, coal ore, which is also necessary for bronze and brass ingots, can be mined in every biome on and off Eternity Isle or purchased for five star coins apiece from Kristoff’s Stall.
  • Bronze Ingots (15): Can be crafted with coal, tin and copper.
  • Plastic Scraps (50): Discovered either by digging up rubble or when fishing anywhere near the Docks on Eternity Isle outside of designated fishing areas.
  • Zinc (10): Found in the Wild Tangle during mining.
An Alarming Development Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After gathering the necessary materials, proceed to a crafting station and use them to make the alarm clocks that Oswald has chosen from the Functional Items page. After that, you are going to need to wait ten minutes to speak with Oswald once more in order to finish the mission.

Crafting Oswaldian Alarm Clocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Catch the Alarm Clocks

The clocks have taken a fancy to adventure, grown legs, and taken off in typical Disney style. Now Oswald wants your assistance to find them before they cause the other Eternity Isle residents to go into a state of catastrophic insomnia.

You must locate the clocks and then determine their running sequence in order to capture them. Since they all travel along a preset route, it should not be difficult to stop them once you locate them. When you get close to a clock, you will hear an alarm sound, so it will be much easier to know if you are close or not.

Capturing runaway alarm clocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Alarm Clock Locations

  • Ancient’s Landing: Here, you are going to locate the first alarm clock, Charleston. You can find it running around Goofy’s Stall on the Docks.
  • Glittering Dunes: Here, you will find three clocks.
    • Lindy Hop runs a path in the main area, which you enter from the Courtyard.
    • Tango will be making laps in the Borderlands.
    • Foxtrot runs in a loop close to Gaston’s Lodge’s original position, using the ramps that connect the Wastes and the main region of Glittering Dunes.
  • Wild Tangle: Last three alarm clocks in this round will be here.
    • Shimmy is located in the first section of the Wild Tangle that is accessible from the Courtyard.
    • Texas Tommy does circles between The Grove, The Promenade, and the Bamboo Thicket using the ramps that connect them.
    • Swing can be seen running in circuits around The Lagoon.
Alarm Clock locations in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After you locate these seven clocks, return to Oswald and give them to him. Sadly, there are still three inaccurate timepieces concealed throughout Eternity Isle, so your work is far from finished. To locate the remaining Clocks for these three, you will need to follow Oswald’s hints. Luckily, hints are pretty clear as well.

  • Rumba was seen swimming around Ancient’s Landing.
  • Conga was spotted resting under a rock in the Wild Tangle.
  • Waltz was spied getting a good tan in the Glittering Dunes.
Finding the remaining clocks in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Finding the Rest of the Clocks

Here’s how to locate the final three inaccurate clocks:

  • Rumba: Make your way to the little piers and down to the docks. Locate the area’s golden fishing site and keep an ear out for the alert to sound. Pull up a rumba with your fishing rod.
  • Conga: Go to the Lagoon and search for an odd-looking grey triangle rock. The now-familiar alarm sound will sound as you get closer, and some text will start to surface around the rock. Free Conga with your pickaxe.
  • Waltz: Visit the Borderlands and explore the area to discover a clock partially hidden in the sand behind a white and black parasol. Dig a hole for Waltz with your shovel.
Finding Rumba the Alarm Clock in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you locate the final three clocks, return to Oswald, who will take them from you and inform you that they now require some stillness. You are going to need to locate Olaf and ask him to read them a bedtime story in order to accomplish this.

This might be the easiest part of the quest. Just locate Olaf and have a conversation with him before returning to Oswald’s home. All of the now-lost alarm clocks can be found inside, and Olaf and Oswald are set up on the stage, ready to tell you a tale. After hearing the narrative, speak with Oswald once more.

Story time for alarm clocks objective in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Make Oswald’s Black and White Coffee

Now that all the alarm clocks are under control, Oswald wants to make his famous black and white cofee to apologize from residents of Eternity Isle. You need to find the ingredients for him.

Even though the ingredients are a little bit odd, who are we to judge? See the list below to see what you need.

  • 28 Pearls: Available for purchase from Kristoff’s Stall for 5 Star Coins apiece, or found when mining in all biomes on and off Eternity Isle.
  • 40 Coal Ore: Discovered by excavating wherever in Ancient’s Landing.
  • 4 Oswaldian Garlic: Supplied by Oswald for this mission; unavailable otherwise.
Making Oswald's coffee in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

After obtaining all of these, proceed to a crafting station to prepare coffee, and then proceed to deliver them to the following villagers:

  • Rapunzel
  • Merlin
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Gaston

Sadly, coffee has a hilarious linguistic side effect that makes its users talk like Oswald. After you have finish bringing the coffee, return to Oswald to talk about what occurred.

Delivering coffee in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Prepare a Friendly Picnic

Helping Oswald make amends for skipping breakfast with Stitch is the last task of this quest. In order to do this, you will need to set up a space on Eternity Isle with furnishings that fall into the following categories:

  • 2 White Furniture
  • 2 Black Furniture
  • 2 Quirky Furniture
  • 2 Seats
Preparing a friendly picnic in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Once you place these stuffs, Oswald will ask you to place one last thing. This is Oswald’s Cartoon Parasol. After you place that too, the quest will be finished.

Last step of An Alarming Development Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

These are everything you need to do to finish An Alarming Development Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley! If you like doing quests with Oswald, do not forget to check out Oswald’s Many Dimensions Quest as well.


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