Animal Simulator: How to Find Eagle Eggs 2024 (Every Location)

Get all of the eagle eggs in one fell swoop!

Animal Simulator, as the name implies, is a Roblox experience all about pretending to be all kinds of animals in a fictional world. Recently, the game got updated to add eagles that you can collect. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the eagle eggs in order to complete your collection!

How to Find Eagle Eggs 2024 (Every Location)

Before we begin, it should be noted that some of the eagles in the game are locked behind Robux. Even so, there are a total of eight different eagles that you can unlock for absolutely free!

In addition to that, each player also gets two free options right off the bat. This will let you get all of the eggs with ease. Without further ado, let’s get to each location!

Egg #1

To start off, turn into one of the free eagles and start flying towards the floating islands right behind the spawn area. The exact islands you need to fly towards will be highlighted below.

Animal Simulator floating islands with the correct location highlighted

Underneath one of these floating islands, mainly the ones at the edge, you will find a blue egg. Simply fly beside it and click. If you did it correctly, you will get a prompt that you have just unlocked a new character.

Animal Simulator 1st egg location floating under one of the islands

Egg #2

For the next egg, you have to fly to the other floating islands that are way above this previous set. Specifically, head over to the one shown in the image below.

Animal Simulator floating islands with the desired tree highlighted

As you fly closer towards the top of the tree on this island, you will see a black egg resting on one of its branches. Fly over to it and pick it up to claim the edgy looking black and white eagle.

Animal Simulator the 2nd egg sitting on one of the tree's branches

Egg #3

Next up, fly down to the desert zone that is right behind the spawn area. This is just below the floating islands. To be more specific, head inside the building marked in the image below.

Animal Simulator the building you need to go to in the desert zone

Once you enter the building through the front door (which you can phase through), look up and you should find the pink egg just hanging on one corner of the ceiling.

Animal Simulator the 3rd egg hanging on the ceiling of the building

Egg #4

Immediately after leaving through the front door of the building where the pink egg was, turn right and fly towards the tip of the windmill nearby. Hidden just under the spinning part of the windmill is the next egg.

Animal Simulator the 4th egg hiding inside the windmill

Egg #5

Return to the spawn area (also known as the safezone) and look towards the snowy region. Fly under the tree shown in the image below, straight ahead from the fountain.

Animal Simulator starting zone with the desired tree highlighted

Once you get to the tree, check under the leaves and you should spot the green egg just hanging from the top like a fruit ripe for the picking.

Animal Simulator the 5th egg hiding under one of the trees

Egg #6

Next, fly over to the part of the corner of the map with lava flowing all around it. Specifically, head on over to the dinosaur head that is in the very edge of this zone.

Animal Simulator lava zone with the dinosaur head highlighted

If you fly up to its nose part, you will see the black egg hidden right inside. Go ahead and pick it up before going back to the spawn area.

Animal Simulator location of the 6th egg inside the dinosaur's nose

Egg #7

This next one isn’t really hidden, so let’s get straight to it. From the safezone, you should immediately see a pirate ship if you turn around. Another black egg can be found just on the tip of one of its sails.

Animal Simulator location of the 7th egg on top of the ship

Egg #8

Finally, fly back to the floating islands directly behind the spawn area. Once you reach the large rock formation in the middle, you will see a strange tree behind it.

Animal Simulator strange tree with a hole in it that you can enter

You can actually enter this tree and find a hole that you can drop down in. Go through this hole and look around until you spot the yellow egg just sitting in a corner inside.

Animal Simulator location of the 8th egg inside hole

And those are all of the free eagle reskins that you can unlock in Animal Simulator! If you like the idea of collecting all sorts of animals on Roblox, consider trying out Pet Simulator 99 as well. If ever that you do, we have a list of codes for Pet Sim 99 that will give you a decent starting boost!


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