Anime Champions Simulator: Best Punch Builds Guide

Which one is better?

Anime Champions Simulator allows you to utilize all sorts of builds because of the variety of gameplay elements that can impact them. Quirks, in particular, can play a major role in the amount of damage that you can deal. Punch builds can vary quite a bit depending on the combination that you use.

In this guide, we will be examining two of the best Punch Builds in the game. We will examine which one is better by looking at a variety of scenarios. In this way, you can decide which one is better for you depending on your needs. Let’s get into the comparison.

Best Punch Builds Guide

In this guide, we will be looking at a Godly Whitebeard with perfect stats i.e. Omega 3 with 150 in each category. We will first apply the Boxer/Titan Quirk combination on this unit and then compare it to the Boxer/Celestial Quirk combination. 

After that, we will compare both of them and see which one is the best punch build. We used a similar comparison when determining the Best Quirk and Affix Combo for Maximum DPS.

Fighting Bosses (Devourer)

Starting off, we will be examining how each of these builds perform when faced with Bosses. And what better place is there to test this out than the Star Devourer Challenge against one of the toughest bosses in the game.

The results of each challenge will be examined and they will provide some great insight into which Punch Build is better for Bosses. Here are the results:

  • Boxer/Titan Quirk Combination
    • 6.75Q Damage Dealt
    • 37.5T Total DPS.
  • Boxer/Celestial Quirk Combination
    • 8.13Q Damage Dealt
    • 45.1T Total DPS.

So, the Boxer/Celestial Punch Build is by far the better one when fighting with Bosses, dealing almost 2Q more damage than the other one.

However, in Anime Champions Simulator, Boss DPS varies from normal enemies DPS, so we will be examining that next.

Star Devourer Challenge in Anime Champions Simulator.

Fighting Normal Enemies & Mobs

Fighting normal enemies and mobs is another thing you will find yourself doing in the game, especially when grinding. So, how do these Punch builds fare in these situations? 

For this purpose, we will be testing them out on the good ol’ reliable Dummy. We also used the Dummy when determining the Best DPS Combo Quick and Affix Meta.

You would expect the Boxer/Celestial combo to do better against mobs and normal enemies, but the results for the Dummy says otherwise:

  • Boxer/Titan Quirk Combination
    • 39.6T Peak Damage
  • Boxer/Celestial Quirk Combination
    • 23.6T Peak Damage.

So, the Boxer/Titan Quirk Combination absolutely blows the other one out of the water. So, when you are faced with mobs or just need to grind normal enemies, the Boxer/Titan Punch Build is the way to go!

Fighting Dummy in Anime Champions Simulator.

Which one is better overall?

So, we have got differing results when examining both cases. However, overall, we would say that you should go with the Boxer/Titan combination. This is because you are getting the best of everything. Typically, you will be facing normal enemies and mobs a lot more than bosses.

Additionally, it still provides a decent amount of Boss damage so you’re better off without it. However, if you require a Punch Build specifically for the Devourer or Bosses, then you should use the Boxer/Celestial Combination.

Godly Whitebeard with Ichigo skin in Anime Champions Simulator.

That’s everything you need to know about the Best Punch Builds in Anime Champion Simulator. Both of these Punch Builds are extremely useful as they provide quite a bit of damage in both cases.

We understand that each player will have different priorities, so these different comparisons will help shed a light on what suits you.

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