Anime Crossover Defense: Complete Beginner’s Guide

How do you get started in this brand new tower defense game on Roblox?

Anime Crossover Defense is yet another new tower defense game on Roblox that features characters from all sorts of popular anime and manga franchises, as well as other video games and Western media. In this guide, we will be teaching you all of the basic stuff to help get you started with the long grind ahead!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

At the start of the game, you get four free units. These are Nirito, Ichytoe, MossHead, and Carrot. The last one, Carrot, can be found in your inventory and must be equipped manually, unlike the other three.

Before we get started, you should walk over to the Codes NPC right in front of all the portals in the main lobby. Step on the green circle and input the following codes for some freebies that may be available for a limited time only:

  • Valk – Gives you a few hundred gems and 5 Crystal Helix for rerolling traits.
  • Release – Will give you a ton of gems as well as star shards and more Crystal Helix.
  • Sebbyastian – Gives you a few hundred gems and some Crystal Helix as well.
  • MozKing – Gives the exact same rewards as Sebbyastian.
  • KingLuffy – Gives the exact same rewards as the two other codes above.

Upon inputting all of these codes, assuming that they still work depending on when you are reading this, you should have around 2300 gems. With all of this, you can now get some extra starter units!

my Anime Crossover Defense character standing beside the codes npc

Summoning Your First Units

First, click on the Summon button on the left hand side of your screen. This will instantly teleport you to the summoning area where you can start pulling for more units.

With your free gems from earlier, you will be able to do 23 pulls in total. For now, my personal recommendation is to just do two 10x summons and save the remainder of your gems for when you can do another ten.

One thing to note about this feature is that there is a pity system that guarantees you will get the current featured Mythical rarity unit at 500 pulls. This is a long ways away though, so don’t worry about it for now.

If you get lucky, some of the desired starter units are the following money generating characters:

  • Cat Burglar / Nami (Rare – 74% chance to roll) – She can gain the ability to steal money from enemies, giving you additional resources to spend in a run.
  • Curly Brows / Sanji (Rare – 74% chance to roll) – His last upgrade on the lower path will provide you with passive income throughout the waves.
  • Boulmi / Bulma (Legendary – 5% chance to roll) – Every single one of her upgrades are geared towards increasing coin generation, making her an amazing support unit overall.

If you can get any of them, consider adding them to your team to make your runs significantly easier, even with just one of these mentioned units.

Anime Crossover Defense curly brows being pulled from summons

Before we get to the actual gameplay, leave the summoning room and click on the Quest button on the left side of your screen. This will bring up your daily missions.

This is one of the reasons why I want you to save some of your gems. Depending on the missions of the day, summoning 10x will be enough to max out your progress, which will give you 500 gems for the day.

Consider saving at least enough for a 10x pull every day to instantly finish these activities, assuming that you get the summon quests for that given day.

Anime Crossover Defense daily quest menu showing a complete reward path

Trying Out the Story Mode

Now that you are ready and have your units all equipped, head over to the blue Story portal and pick any of the empty rooms to start queuing up a story mode run.

For the very first level, all you really need to do is place MossHead at the crossroads near the entrance. From there, he can easily kill everything within range with his area of effect attack. Anything that leaks through will run back around and will likely get killed too.

Keep upgrading his lower path to increase his damage. If you are ever struggling with too many leaks, feel free to add whichever other extra units you have. In the example below, I have two Cat Burglars and one Curly Brows set up to support my first tower.

If you have a similar setup to the I am using in the example image below and continue upgrading all of their lower path choices (or whichever gives you more damage in general), you won’t have any issues with stragglers or money throughout the run.

my Anime Crossover Defense beginner setup for the first mission

If you want to make the level even easier, put a Carrot (Goku) in the highlighted spot in the image below. Upgrade him four times on the upper path and his attack will turn into a long line that will reach all the way to the entrance.

Also, if you want to save yourself from a few clicks or just more waiting in general, turn on 2x speed by clicking on the button on the lower right corner. Also, open the settings and turn on auto skip waves.

Anime Crossover Defense goku placement in the first story mission

Other Features to Keep in Mind

There isn’t a lot of supplementary features so far, as the game is still pretty new and a lot of things are currently a work in progress. However, one thing you do have is the trait rerolling system.

With the Crystal Helixes that you can get as a reward from the story mode or codes, you can reroll at the traits room to the left of the summoning area. The following are the current traits you can acquire:

  • Omnipotent (0.2% chance) – Increases damage by a significantly large amount, as well as speed and range to a lesser extent. Reduces max placement of unit to 1 only.
  • Doppelganger (0.2% chance) – Increases max unit placement by an additional 1, and provides various other buffs.
  • CEO (0.2% chance) – Great for support units due to increased coin generation and reduced cost.
  • Innovator (1% chance) – Weaker version of CEO and without a damage buff.
  • Nanomachines (1% chance) – Increases damage, range, and speed by a decent amount.
  • Lightspeed (1% chance) – Increases speed by 25%
  • Super Sonic (5% chance) – Weaker version of Lightspeed
  • Hawkeye (5% chance) – Increases range by 50%
  • Radiant (5% chance) – Increases damage by 25%
  • Generic Range, Speed, and Strength traits – Comes in Epic (30% chance) and Rare (63.8% chance) varieties that increase stats by 10% and 5%, respectively.

Consider rolling for one of the legendary or omnipotent rarity traits on your best units, as this will drastically increase their strength in any game mode. Just remember that CEO and Innovator are only good for coin generating units, such as Curly Brows.

Anime Crossover Defense trait rerolling menu with a range bonus selected

And that is everything you need to know in order to get started in this brand new tower defense game. While you are here, check out our guide on how to grind for golden towers in Tower Defense X as well, as that’s another TD that might interest you!


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