Anime Crossover Defense: How To Beat Floor 100 in Challenge Rift Guide

Floor 100 at last! Now to actually beat it.

Anime Crossover Defense: How To Beat Floor 100 in Challenge Rift Guide

Anime Crossover Defense is a tower defense game in which you place down famous anime characters to protect your base from enemy waves. It is similar to other tower defense games on Roblox, but this game has anime characters which are used as towers. This game also offers a Challenge Rift mode in which you have to beat floor after floor. And each new floor is harder than the one preceding it. This guide will help you with beating the Floor 100 of Challenge Rift mode. Keep reading to learn more!

Guide on How To Beat Floor 100 in Challenge Rift

This strategy will require you to have Whitebeard (called White Moustache) and preferably with the Eternal Eye (Mangekyou Sharingan) artifact. You can also use Broly (called Broccoli) as well instead of Whitebeard but he is much more expensive to place so that is why Whitebeard is the preferred choice.

Waves 0 – 3

The first thing you need to do is place Bulma (called Boulmi) down and spend all your Gold on her to level up her abilities. By wave 3, you should have her maxed out. The reason for putting her down so early is so we do not have to worry about gold later on.

Bulma (Boulmi).

Note: If you do not know about this Bulma method of getting gold faster then it is explained in much detail in the following guide: Anime Crossover Defense: How To Get The Most Gold Per Stage.

Waves 3 – 9

Now that you have taken care of the gold problem with Bulma, we can now start focusing on the enemy waves. Okay, first of all place down Whitebeard somewhere in the middle of the map so he can reach the enemy wave spawn area.

After you place down Whitebeard (or your main attacking character if you do not have Whitebeard), place down two Nami (called Cat Burglar) alongside Whitebeard to buff him. Now wait for the 3rd wave to get over.

When the 4th wave starts, get some upgrades on your Whitebeard so he can actually start dealing some serious damage. And as for enemies that are bleeding through, place down Steve (called Bob) to deal with them. However, you will need Black Notebook (Death Note) artifact on Steve to make him really work here.

Steve (Bob).

During the 5th wave, try not to spend your gold so you can save it to get the next range upgrade on Whitebeard. After upgrading Whitebeard, you can upgrade one of your Nami to make her stronger. After that, shift your focus to Whitebeard again. And by the 9th wave, your Whitebeard should be maxed out.

Whitebeard by Wave 9
Whitebeard (White Moustache).

Waves 9+

Once you reach this stage of the floor, your victory is pretty much guaranteed. This is where you can place your other buffers and characters that you have. The main challenge was to set up and reach wave 9, after that it will not be much harder. Just keep holding on and you will easily be able to beat this floor.

And this is it for this guide, I hope you found it helpful! The Whitebeard used in this guide is actually a Shiny character as you can see in the image above. If you want to know how to make your Mythical character a Shiny then check out this guide for more information: Anime Crossover Defense: How To Make Shiny Primal Mythics Guide.


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