Anime Dungeon Fighters: How To Level Up Fast

Time to find a friend and obtain all the exp you need!

Anime Dungeon Fighters: How To Level Up Fast

In Anime Dungeon Fighters, you’ll be collecting fruits, weapons, armor, and accessories to become stronger and take on many other challenges. The best equipment drops from the best dungeons in the game, and the dungeons all have level requirements before you can join any of them.

This is why leveling up is incredibly important for you to start playing the latest content. Once your level is high enough, you can start playing the late-game dungeons and obtain better items. In this game, we will show you some tips as well as some locations that you can go to to level quickly.

How To Level Up Fast

For now, you can level up to level 150 in Anime Dungeon Fighters. The last area you can access is World 2 with dungeons that vary in difficulty. In the future, there may be the release of better worlds like Worlds 3 and 4 with higher level requirements.

To level up quickly, there are many tips that you can apply: Codes, Free EXP Boost, Forge, Quests, Dungeons, and the AFK Area. These are also things that we will explain to you in the later sections.

Keep in mind that these are only basic tips that you can apply to level up more quickly. As you reach the end-game stages, your method of leveling may vary greatly.


Codes in Anime Dungeon Fighters are a little bit more special as they do not only give coins and currencies but also EXP. One of the codes also provides you with an EXP boost for a certain duration, and you can use this boost to level up more quickly!

Here is a list of all the codes as for writing – for the “always-update” one, check out our dedicated guide for Working Codes in Anime Dungeon Fighters:

  • BOOSTGIFT: x1 30-minute money boost and 30-minute experience boost.
  • freegift2: 1K season experience points.
  • GEMGIFT: 1K gems.
  • GOLDGIFT: 100K money.
  • FREEGIFT: 400 season experience points.
  • WEEKENDGIFT2: 50 coins and 500 gems.
  • WEEKENDGIFT1Gems and coins.
  • NEWGAME: 50 coins.
  • NEWGAME2: 1K gems.

Free EXP Boost NPC

In this section, we’ll cover some of the important locations that you should know in Anime Dungeon Fighters. First, you’ll want to go to the Free EXP Boost NPC which you can find near the spawn area.

You can receive a free EXP Boost from this NPC Daily, so remember to always come back for more EXP. Once you’ve activated your daily EXP Boost, remember to prioritize doing quests and dungeons to maximize your EXP gain.

You don’t want to waste the duration on other activities that give no EXP, that time is just precious!

Anime Dungeon Fighters Free EXP Boost


The Forge is near the AFK Area and the Lv. 20 dungeon. As you progress and level up, the content may become more difficult and you will find yourself struggling to do the dungeons.

This is when you’ll want to try taking a look at the Forge where you can enhance your items. Enhanced items will increase their stats, allowing you to take on dungeon challenges more easily.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Forge

In-Game Quests

Your main way of gaining EXP is through doing the Main Quest. The Main Quest gives you different rewards as you complete your missions, such as Coins and EXP. You can take the Main Quests by talking to the Quest Lady in Worlds 1 & 2.

For now, you can also do Daily Quests (reset every day), Weekly Quests (reset every week), and World Quest. These quests give you Gems, EXP, Season Pass EXP, and Cosmetic Coins. To view these quests, look to the right-hand side of your screen.

Daily and Weekly quests are repetitive, meaning you can do them as long as they reset. However, World & Main Quests can only be completed once per world.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Main Quest

Dungeons & Maps

Completing Dungeons & Maps is also another way for you to gain EXP. Some quests actually require you to complete these Dungeons, so you can gain both the EXP from the Quest and the EXP from the dungeons!

Before you start a dungeon, you can choose the difficulty. It is recommended that you choose the best difficulty that you can do. If you are struggling, consider finding better items, or enhancing your existing items using the forge.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Dungeons

8 Dungeons

There are a total of 8 different dungeons you can play in the game. In World 1, there are 3 dungeons, which you will be playing from level 0 to 60. There are three difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Once you’ve moved on to World 2, there will be 5 dungeons that you can play. These dungeons range from level 60 to 150. There are 4 difficulties: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hell. Hell mode is where you will be able to obtain Mysterious Tier equipment.

Anime Dungeon Fighters Difficulty

AFK Area

In front of the Village (Lv.40) in World 1, you will be able to see the AFK Area. After grinding for a very long time, you can take a small break and go here to receive rewards without even having to play!

Anime Dungeon Fighters AFK Area

Once you’ve entered the AFK Area, you will be able to gain Coins, Gems, EXP, and Mastery EXP. The longer you stay on this server, the more rewards you will receive.

Anime Dungeon Fighters AFK Area Server

That’s how you can level up fast in Roblox Anime Dungeon Fighters. As you play, you can also join the game’s community, or team up with strangers in the game. Playing with other players is also great as you can help each other progress more quickly!

As you progress, you can also choose many different heroes to play as. They will provide you with different effects and aid you in your gameplay. If you do not know which heroes to get, consider taking a look at the Anime Dungeon Fighters Best Heroes Tier List.


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