Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

With a little bit of patience, you’ll eventually get there!

Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

Anime Fighting Simulator X is a Roblox game that is released as a sequel to the popular Anime Fighting Simulator game. In this game, you’ll train to become the strongest, learn powerful abilities and explore various worlds.

Devil Fruits play an important role as you progress since they will give you skills and powerful abilities. These fruits have varying rarity and can be more difficult to obtain depending on how rare they are. In this guide, we’ll show you some ways you can get these Devil Fruits fast.

How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

There are currently 5 fruits in the game that are of 4 different rarities from being the most common to the rarest. These are Chop, Gomu, Gura, Mera and Ice. The fastest way for you to get Fruits is paying, which is really obvious.

Anime Fighting Simulator X: How To Get Devil Fruits Fast Guide

In the store menu, you get the “Random Fruit” Gamepass for 199 Robux. This will then give you a random fruit, with 1.68% of the item given to you is of the Legendary rarity. This method sounds like a pay to win, and chances are so may not want to pay so stay tuned for the other methods.

Anime Fighting Simulators X Pass

Your next way is to go out there and explore the worlds to find these Fruits. These fruits spawn randomly and you will want to look around the areas, especially under trees for any potential fruits. Most of the time, they will be shining so you can spot them easily.

Anime Fighting Simulators X Find

You can also purchase the Fruit Tracker game pass to speed up the fruit finding process. This pass will alert you when there is a fruit that spawns in the map and displays how far you are from it. However, this pass costs up to 2,499 Robux and if you are a free to play player, just find them manually and explore the worlds.

Anime Fighting Simulators X Tracker

As you walk around worlds, you will find these glowing chests. On opening them, you will also have a chance of obtaining a fruit. Moreover, these chests will also drop many of the currencies which can be useful for upgrades and purchasing in-game items.

Anime Fighting Simulator X Chest

Those are your two ways of finding Devil Fruits fast in Anime Fighting Simulator X. One method is really pay to win since you will only need to pay to get the fruits you want. The other free method requires you to spend some more time exploring worlds to eventually find them.

Regardless of what you do, you will get these fruits in the end. If you ever decide to be free to play, keep it in mind that patience play an important role. Enjoy the gaming process and you’ll eventually get there!

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