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Get all the Gems and Emeralds you need!

Anime Last Stand is a tower defense Roblox game that allows you to experience the familiar gameplay with your favorite characters. You can choose all sorts of characters from your favorite and iconic series to defend your base against hordes of enemies.

Since you are the last stand in this battle, you’re always going to need some help. Luckily, we have you covered with the latest working codes for the game. Check in regularly if you continue to play the game, so that you can get the latest rewards whenever you need them!

All Working Codes in Anime Last Stand

The developers for Anime: Last Stand are regularly adding new codes as new events occur or milestones are reached. Sometimes, there are even exclusive codes that you can obtain through certain YouTubers. So, with time, these codes tend to expire as newer codes replace them.

So, we recommend that you redeem these codes as quickly as possible! You’ll be able to get all sorts of Gems or Emeralds with them. Also, if you ever need codes for other Roblox games, check out our comprehensive list of Roblox game codes!

With that said, here are the current working codes for Anime Last Stand:

  • QuickRestart!—Redeem for 1250 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls (New)
  • ALSREVAMPSOON?—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls (New)
  • SOLOPART2SOON?!—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls (New)
  • QOLUpdate2!—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • NEWUPD?!—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • Part1UPD!—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • HBDCaleB2024—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 15 Rerolls
  • SOLOLEVELING!—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • X7Weekend!—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • ConverterFix?!—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • REDGATE?!—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • QOLUPD!—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • SOLOPREPARING!—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • BannerFix!?!—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • BannerFixed?—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • BugFixesTeehee—Redeem for 1k Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • BossStudiosOnTop—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • CaleBTheHero—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • OPMUpdate—Redeem for 500 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls
  • DelayedUpdate—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • AdmiralsUPD—Redeem for 750 Emeralds 
  • BossStudio1stUpd—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 5 Rerolls 
  • AriseWakeyWakey—Redeem for 15 Rerolls 
  • BossStudiosTakeover!—Redeem for 1500 Emeralds, 15 Rerolls, and 15 Spirit Shards
  • ToTheFuture!!—Redeem for 1500 Emeralds, 15 Rerolls, and 15 Spirit Shards 
  • EraOfTheAdmirals—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds 
  • TorSavedALS—Redeem for 750 Emeralds, 10 Rerolls, and 10 Spirit Shards
  • Update5!—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls 
  • LongMaitenanceLimitedCode—Redeem for 15 Rerolls 
  • CongratsMrBeast1Billion—Redeem for a Mr. Beast Unit 
  • HappyEaster—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • SubToBlamSpotonYoutubeForShenron—Redeem for a Wish Dragon Unit
  • ShenronFixImSorry—Redeem for 1.5k Emeralds and 15 Rerolls 
  • GlitchFix—Redeem for 750 Emeralds and 10 Spirit Shards
  • TheGoat—Redeem for a unit
  • Goodbye Mash—Redeem for 500 Emeralds
  • FUSIONEVOLUTION—Redeem for 20 Spirit Shards
  • UPDATE 4—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 15 Rerolls
  • Sub2MayyjeeeOrCodeWontWork—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2Noclypso176k—Redeem for 150 Emeralds and 3 Rerolls
  • D1SGUISED—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • NeelsTV—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2ZerozKinger1MilSubs—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2KingLuffy—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2Shock—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2CodeNex77k—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Update4HYPE!—Redeem for 10 Rerolls
  • 2xMeshChance—Redeem for 7 Rerolls 
  • EnjoyTheQuestReset!—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and Quest Reset
  • 2xDropsUpdateSOONHype!—Redeem for 10 Rerolls 
  • 500kMembersLETSGOO—Redeem for 1500 Emeralds and 14 Rerolls 
  • 400kMembersLETSGOO—Redeem for 1500 Emeralds and 12 Rerolls 
  • Sub2Shock—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • BlamsQuestBugCodeMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds
  • GrindRerollsFromChallenges!—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds
  • ONEHUNDREDMILLION—Redeem for Bobak Exotic
  • Sub2MayyJeeeOrCodeWontWork—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2Noclypso176k—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2ZerozKinger1MilSubs—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Sub2KingLuffy—Redeem for 150 Emeralds
  • Update3—Redeem for 1000 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • Glitched—Redeem for 5 Rerolls and Spirit Shards
  • Blams100kLikesCode—Redeem for a reward
  • BlamSpotsOP75MillVisitCodeMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for 5 Spirit Shards and 1000 Emeralds
  • Blams100kFavoritesCode—Redeem for 15 Rerolls
  • BackupMinatoMustBeSubbedtoTorToWork—Redeem for a Flash Exotic Unit
  • PortalBugFixes—Redeem for 350 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • TORMENTER10KSUBSLETSGOOOOOOO—Redeem for a Flash Exotic Unit
  • ALSUpdate2YutaHype—Redeem for 350 Emeralds and 10 Rerolls
  • BlamsSecretMiniUpdateMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for 500 Emeralds, and 20 Rerolls
  • BigUpdateWednesday—Redeem for 15 Rerolls
  • HanminloveSecretCodeMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for 10 Rerolls
  • SkillTreeRestALPHAReportAnyBugs—Redeem for Rerolls
  • ThankYouSoMuch45mVisits—Redeem for Rerolls
  • BlamSpotInsaneWeekendCodeMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for 15 Rerolls
  • BlamSpoyYTSecretUnitCodeMustBeSubbedToWork—Redeem for a Drip Zami unit
  • BlamSecretValentinesCode—Redeem for 10 Rerolls and 690 Gems
  • ULTIMATEGOJO—Redeem for 10 Rerolls
  • TyFor25mVisitsOMG!—Redeem for 1500 Gems
  • 200kMembersINSANE!—Redeem for 1500 Gems
  • 50ThousandsFavorites!!!—Redeem for 750 Gems
  • UPDATE1HYPE!—Redeem for 500 Gems
  • BlamsAndShocksNightmare100kMemberReRollCodeTrySubscribingToBlamSpotOnYTAndFollowingFr_ShockOnTwitterIfItDoesntWork—Redeem for Rerolls (Private server only)
  • BlamsOP5MillionVisitsRerollCodeMustBeSubbedToWorkLOL—Redeem for Rerolls
  • Fixes—Redeem for 25 Rerolls and 250 Gems
  • BlamsSecret1MillionUniquePlayerCode—Redeem for 10 Rerolls
  • Shutdown—Redeem for 500 Gems
  • Sub2HotSauceHan—Redeem for a Kohan (Drip) Unit
  • ToadBoi120k—Redeem for a Gogata Unit
  • BlamTopSecretCodeWontWorkIfNotSubbed—Redeem for 800 Gems
  • NeelsTV—Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • D1SGUISED—Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • BUFF—Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • TyFor10kFavREAL—Redeem for 500 Emeralds
  • TyFor1mVisitsPart2—Redeem for 2,500 Emeralds and 25 Rerolls
  • TyFor1mVisitsPart1—Redeem for 1,500 Emeralds
  • YammoRework—Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • Sub2Blamspot524k—Redeem for 250 Emeralds
  • Sub2BmGTormenter117onYT—Redeem for free rewards
  • Sub2CodeNex77k—Redeem for free rewards
  • SorryForDelay—Redeem for 500 gems
  • RELEASE—Redeem for 1,000 Gems
  • FinalDelay—Redeem for 300 Gems

Keep in mind that all of these codes are case sensitive. So, keep an eye out on the capitalization or spaces, especially since many of these codes are a bit complicated. Instead, we recommend that you simply copy and paste them off of here.

Summon Area in Anime Last Stand.

Redeem Codes Option and Method

Additionally, if you are having trouble with redeeming the codes, we have you covered. You can redeem codes in Anime Last Stand by simply selecting the Codes option that can be seen in the left side of your menu, when you are in the lobby.

Clicking on it will open the Redeem Codes textbox. Here, you can type all the working codes to get some amazing rewards!

Redeem Codes option in Anime Last Stand.

All Expired Codes for Anime Last Stand

As the developers continue to add more codes to the game, many of the older ones will slowly expire. To prevent any hassle, we’ll move the expired codes to this section. You’ll be able to tally and see if any code you’ve been trying actually works or not!

Check in the future for expired codes!

Lobby Area in Anime Last Stand.

That’s everything you need to know about the codes in Anime Last Stand. We recommend that you check out this guide regularly if you plan on playing this game for a while. Additionally, you should also support the developers on their socials and in the game. Doing so will ensure that they get more generous with the codes, which we will add here!

You can also check out working codes for another anime Roblox game, Anime Dungeon Fighters!


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