Anime Last Stand: Frieza Unit Showcase (With Overlord)

A showcase to decide if you want Frieza or not.

Anime Last Stand: Frieza Unit Showcase (With Overlord)

Frieza is the new legendary unit to be added to Anime Last Stand and we’ll share how the unit performs in the game. Frieza has been added under the name Lord Alien and before the update, Frieza was obtainable, but not playable.

The sneaky mini update may have added another really good DPS character to the game. Let’s check him out!

Frieza Unit Showcase with Overlord

The Frieza (Lord Alien) unit here has buffed stats thanks to the Overlord which boosts his damage. Upgrading Frieza is pretty worth it, though between 2 to 3, there isn’t a stat difference. And considering the cost, it’s worth it to upgrade him fast.

Frieza with Overlord without upgrade in Anime Last Stand.

Frieza at max upgrade has 40.2 range and is a great Air unit overall. With Overlord, he deals 25.5k damage and attacks every 5.2s and this is Frieza at Level 1. While the cooldown between attacks goes up by merely 1s.

Frieza with Overlord full upgrade in Anime Last Stand.

Though, without the Overlord, Frieza damage can be a bit lackluster, but he compensates that with his huge AoE attack. That alone makes him a special unit compared to other stronger units like Legendary Goku. Although, Goku comes with Enraged ability at final upgrade.

Frieza full upgrade in Anime Last Stand.

And that’s it for the new unit showcase of Frieza in Anime Last Stand with the Overlord trait. Need more strong units like him? Here’s a guide on how you can get all Evo items and the drop rate for Secret Units in ALS.


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