Anime Last Stand: New Kaiju Units Guide & Info

Try and get these new units for your team!

Anime Last Stand New Kaiju Units Guide & Info

With new updates, come new units that players can try and play around it. When it’s a gacha game though, sometimes, you don’t have the resources or the luck to get all of them to try out. That’s why you’ll want to know what the new content is first!

In Anime Last Stand, there’s the new Kaiju update that added new units to the game. Most of them are mythic with a couple of celestials thrown into the mix. All of them are extremely powerful and you’ll want to know what they can do!

In this guide, we’ll show you what the new units are in Anime Last Stand. We’ll go through every single one of them and show you their strengths and weaknesses, so you know what to roll for. Now, let’s see what these units are all about.

New Kaiju Units Guide & Info

The new Kaiju Update for Anime Last Stand just released and with it a bunch of new characters for you to try out. Most of them are powerful but are they as good as the ones we already had before? These are all of the new characters that you can get in the new update.

New Characters

The new update has added new characters to the game and most of them are Mythics, so expect them to be powerful. Here are all of the new characters:

  • Cleanup Worker – A high DPS unit that sadly isn’t a hybrid, so it might have some trouble on some maps. Widely regarded as the weakest character in the update.
  • Officer Shimiya – She’s one of the stronger units in the new update with high Damage and DPS and great stats. She is a 3-placement unit and a bit pricey at 2,000 but it well worth it!
  • Division Captain – This is a very expensive 1 placement unit that costs 20,000. This unit is amazing at raids and infinite mode farming with its high damage and huge line AOE.
  • Division Vice Captain – A 4 placement unit that has a bleed at the start as well as a respectable amount of damage. The unit starts with a cone AOE but changes to a circle one after Upgrade 3.
Anime Last Stand New Kaiju Units

Additional New Content

Along with the new units we also get a bunch of new content throughout the game like new levels as well as shops. We even get a new Event Pass that players can go through and get various rewards. Here is all the new content in the game:

  • New Story Mode Stages
  • New Infinite Mode
  • New Portal
  • New Dragons vs. Hunters Event with a new Shop and Event Pass
  • New Cosmetics
  • New Portal Replay system

All of that content as well as some additional QOL updates and bug fixes in the game! That’s all of the new Kaiju units that you can get in Anime Last Stand. Now, go out there and try to get all of them! Do you want to get new Technique Rerolls in the game? Check out our Easiest Methods to Get Technique Rerolls Guide for more details.


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