Anime Punch Simulator: Complete Update 5 Guide – Vaults & Secrets

Everything you need to know about the latest update here!

Anime Punch Simulator just released a brand new update with some features that the community has been wanting for some time now. Along with that, various new secrets were also added to the game. In this guide, we’ll quickly go through all of the new additions in Update 5!

Complete Update 5 Guide – Vaults & Secrets

Before we begin with the changes, you should know that there are new codes added with this update. They are the following:

  • 50KLIKES

If you are new to the game, consider checking out our article on Anime Punch Simulator codes. This is regularly updated, so keep checking it for any new freebies every now and then!


The Vault can be found in the center of the lobby area. By interacting with it, you can store and switch out an additional one of the following bonuses:

  • Haki
  • Titles
  • Skills
  • Marks
  • Curses
  • Races
  • Primary Grimoires
  • Secondary Grimoires
  • Passives

If you have some extra Robux to spend on the game and you need more storage slots, you can get the Big Vault game pass for only 199 Robux.

Anime Punch Simulator player standing in the lobby zone right in front of the new vault mechanic

New Map & Secrets

Several new secret rarity bonuses were also added to the game. We go into more detail on these in our Anime Punch Simulator Update 5 Secrets guide, but to summarize, they include the following:

  • Passive
  • Cruse
  • Haki
  • Mark
  • Talent
  • Title
  • Fruit

So, get ready to start rerolling a lot if you plan on getting them! Luckily, you can also take advantage of the new vault feature to store your current one first!

You can also ascend a few more times as the maximum level has increased to 36. If you want to get the max number of stat points available, you better start grinding.

Anime Punch Simulator list of marks showing the new Wind Mark

Finally, a new map called Punch City was also added to the game. This is clearly inspired by One Punch Man, and you can pull for new characters directly taken from the anime.

This new gacha includes iconic characters such as Saitama and the secret rarity Tatsumaki. Aside from the new hatching egg, there really isn’t much to do apart from grinding in the new world as of writing this.

Anime Punch Simulator player checking out the new egg in punch city

That is pretty much everything there is to know about the latest update of Anime Punch Simulator. Consider taking a look at our How to AFK Raids guide if you need to do some more grinding in this game too!


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