Anime Spirits: Complete Beginner’s Guide (With Codes) | How To Level Up Best Way

All anime heroes have to start somewhere.

Anime Spirits has just launched and the game has been looking promising. Players can enjoy a variety of content in the game, which includes quests, fighting styles and islands. Each content revolves around popular anime, allowing fans to experience their favorite shows on Roblox.

However, since the game is new, players may have trouble navigating the vast universe that Anime Spirits offers. This Beginner’s Guide will allow players to understand what they should be doing when they start the game. Additionally, we will also show you how you can level up fast so you can get to max level quickly. Let’s dive in!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

There is a lot of content on offer in Anime Spirits. In this Beginner’s Guide, we will explore the main one so that you can get started and understand how you are supposed to progress. We highly encourage you to also explore the game yourself, as you may find secrets that get added to the game.

Starting Off

When you spawn into the game, you will immediately see the main menu. In this menu, there are options for Races and Perks. Each Race and Perk has its own Rarity alongside a unique stat. Generally, the higher Rarity Races and Perks provide the best boosts but are much harder to obtain.

You can obtain these Perks and Races using Spins. Everyone is given three free Spins, providing you with a chance to try and get the rarer ones. You can also buy more Spins or get them through codes if you do not want to grind out for them as the game progresses.

Race Spins in Anime Spirits.

We also recommend checking the Update Log after each update. This log will show you all the main content that has been added with any new updates. You can use it to immediately get an idea of what you should look out for when you spawn in.

Update Log in Anime Spirits.

After you spawn in, you will see a variety of different bars in your UI. The green bar represents your health while your blue bar represents stamina. When you use your moves and dash ability, these will typically take up stamina.

UI bars in Anime Spirits.

However, you will notice that there is a Fire meter next to these bars. This represents Rage Mode that you can activate when the meter is full. You can build this meter up by fighting enemies.

Once the bar is full, activating rage mode will allow you to boost your damage until the bar lasts. There is even a Rage Mode V2 that you can unlock at Level 500 which we will look into later in this guide.

Rage Mode Activated in Anime Spirits.

Understanding The Menu

If you click on the top left corner, you will be met with a user menu consisting of a variety of options.

Starting from left to right, the first one consists of Starter Packs that you can purchase with Robux. Next to it, is the Codes Section where you can use any codes. Here are some codes to start you off:

  • RELEASE – +3 Race Spins, +3 Perk Spins 
  • DOUBLEEXP – Double Exp for 15 Minutes 
  • TAKLAMAN – +5 Perk Spins 
  • RESETSTATS – Resets your stats.
Starter Pack Menu in Anime Spirits.

After that, you have the Settings Menu that can be used to access the Main Menu. Here, you can modify your game settings as you please. This is also where you can toggle PvP on and off.

So, if you’re in the mood for grinding in peace, you can turn off this mode.

Settings Menu in Anime Spirits.

After that, you have the Stats Menu, which is very important. Here, you will be able to dedicate any stat points you gain to a stat and construct your build.

You also get stat points from particular accessories. You can see exactly what stats you are getting from here by looking at the numbers in brackets.

Stats Menu in Anime Spirits.

The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory. There is the party option where you can invite friends if you want to play together. After that, there is the shop where you can purchase a variety of options. 

Finally, there is the inventory where you can see the items, accessories and so on that you collect during the game.

Inventory in Anime Spirits.

Island NPCs

Each island, including the starter island, has a variety of NPCs. Starting off, there are multiple Quest Givers that you can interact with. Each Quest Giver provides you with rewards like Gems that you can use to level up. We will discuss Quest Givers in more detail later.

After that, we have the Boat Seller that can be found at the dock of the island. You can purchase a variety of boats from him with Gold you accumulate from Quests and use them to travel to other islands.

Nearby, there is also a Spawn Point NPC where you can set your spawn to whatever island you want.

Set Spawn NPC in Anime Spirits.

There is also an Island Tracker Seller that we highly recommend you go to near the Boat Seller on starter island. The Island Tracker will allow you to see exactly where a specific island is, making it very convenient for you to travel.

Island Tracker Seller NPC in Anime Spirits.

Each island has at least one Sword Seller and Fighting Style Trainer. For example, the starter island has a Geppo Trainer and an NPC that can teach you Black Leg.

As you progress across different islands, you can invest in them to obtain even more unique weapons and fighting styles.

Geppo Trainer in Anime Spirits.

How To Obtain Souls

There are Souls of various Rarities that you can get in Anime Spirits. Each Soul provides unique abilities and moves that players can use in battles. The rarer Souls tend to provide more Stronger abilities.

You can get Souls by visiting the Souls Dealer NPC. He will give you a spin in exchange for 25,000 Gold, allowing you to obtain a Soul. Alternatively, you can go to the other Souls Dealer where you can get them for Robux. So, it is up to you whether you want to go the free to play or premium direction.

As you play the game, you can accumulate a lot of Gold and start spinning towards Souls. However, we recommend that you get other important items like the Island Tracker first before focusing on Spins.

Souls Dealer NPC with cost in Anime Spirits.

How To Level Up Best Way

The best way to level up in the game is by playing through Quests in the game. Each Island has a variety of Quest Givers with certain numbers indicated on them. These numbers can be used as a guide and provide you with a roadmap for your progression.

Quest Giver 1 in Anime Spirits.

For example on Starter Island, you can do Quest Giver 1’s tasks until you reach Level 10. After that, you can move onto Quest Giver 2 until you reach Level 20, and move onto the other Quest Giver. If you finish all the Quest Givers, you can move onto the next island and go from there.

Quest Giver 28 in Anime Spirits.

Here is the order in which you can visit islands to do quests:

  1. Starter Island (Level 1 to 45)
  2. Monkey Island (Level 45 to 90)
  3. Marine Island (Level 45 to 150)
  4. Hidden Village (Level 150 to 190)
  5. Sand Island (Level 190 to 265)
  6. Forest Island (Level 265 to 340)
  7. West City (Level 340 to 400)
  8. Snow Island (Level 400 to 450)
  9. Kami’s Lookout (Level 450 to 500).
Island Tracker list in Anime Spirits.

Each set of three islands is part of a different anime world. For example, Islands 4-6 are for the Naruto anime. You will find quests revolving around Naruto and will even be given an opportunity to defeat him and get some Rare drops!

There are such mini bosses and Side Quests on all of the islands and we highly encourage you to explore them. They allow you to get Gems, Gold, Drops and enable you to level up even faster.

Fighting Naruto in Anime Spirits.

When you reach Level 500, you can even unlock Rage Mode V2. This can be done by first going to Kami’s Lookout island.

After that, you will need to jump off and dash your way towards the tower that is below. Once you enter the tower, you can find an NPC there by the name of Rage Mode Awakener.

Rage Mode Awakener Tower location in Anime Spirits.

He can give you Rage Mode V2 for 1 Million Gold, which is a lot but should not be a problem at the end state of the game.

Rage Mode Awakener NPC in Anime Spirits.

That’s everything covered for the Beginner’s Guide for Anime Spirits. We have discussed everything that should allow you to get up to speed when you start up the game on Roblox. This includes the best way to level up, which as we have seen, involves playing the Quests that the game has to offer. Soon enough, you should be able to reach the max level in no time!

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