Anime Spirits: How To Get Escanor Axe & Showcase

No one would dare challenge the player who wields this axe!

The One piece inspired Roblox fighting game called Anime Spirits released a new update, introducing the chance for players to acquire the Escanor Axe! Escanor Axe is a Seven Deadly Sins inspired weapon and is now up for grabs for the anime’s fans and every Anime Spirits player out there. Stick around and we’ll show you how to get it!

How To Get Escanor Axe 

The Exanor Axer (Escanor Axe) can be acquired by defeating a boss on Rimuru Island and then taking the loot to the Awakener on the same island. Keep reading for a detailed guide on how to achieve this. 

First, head to the Second Sea. You can get in touch with a teleporter in Shibuya Island and he will teleport you to the Second Sea.

Once you’re there, next up head to Rimuru Island. I’ll show you where to go from there. Start by flying past the Arena.

Player on Rimuru ISland in ANime Spirits

Also, fly past the three buildings on the corner and fly toward the green one. You can now land right behind it. There should be an NPC standing there next to the tree and he’s called the Escanor Awakener.

Player on Rimuru ISland in ANime Spirits

 As his name suggests, he’ll awaken the Escanor Axe for you

You can interact with the NPC. The NPC will tell you need the Divine Sunshine and the Escanor axe, so he can awaken your axe. So, let’s see where you have to go to get yourself the Escanor Axe and go do that next.

Near the Escanor Awakener, right behind him should be a summoning circle but this is basically like a transport that will take you to the Escanor Dungeon. This is exactly where we need to be to get your axe.

Escanor Dungeon in Anime Spirts

Enter the Dungeon and you’ll have to fight a boss. The boss has 5 million health and is by far the strongest boss in the game, so ensure that you’re ready to battle it. Start farming for resources and get powerful abilities to get stronger. When you’re prepared, you can head back to this location, to the boss and defeat it. Goodluck!

Boss battle in Anime Spirits

Once you’ve defeated the boss, the boss will drop the Divine Sunshine and finally an Escanor Axe! Take these items back to the Escanor Awakener. 

Escanor Awakener in Anime Spirits

He’ll once again ask you if you have the items. This time you can say “Yes”. It won’t even cost you any money. And that, you have your Escanor Axe ready to be used against your opponents. You can dominate the battlefield with this overpowered Axe. 

If you don’t believe that it’s strong and powerful, let’s showcase its moveset and see what it can do! We also have a guide to acquire another powerful weapon along with its showcase that you might want to check out. Here’s How To Get Aizen Sword with Showcase in Anime Spirits!

Escanor Axe Showcase

  1. Burning Smash (E): Attack your enemy with a powerful fiery smash. 
  2. Cruel Sun (Z): Summons a ball of sun to target your opponent with.
Cruel Sun in Anime Spirits
  1. Super Slash (X): This attack slashes your opponent horizontally with a wide range fiery move.that covers a large area. 
Super Slash in Anime Spirits
  1. Divine Slash ( C): Sends a fire attack piercing your enemy from the top and then blasting them. 
  2. The One (V): Buffs the sword damage and also gives overall damage.
  3. Full Power cruel Sun: Summons a massive sun 5 times the size of the sun from the Cruel Sun move. The sun shrinks and then explodes on your enemy dealing a lot of damage. (the most damage out of all moves so far)
Full Power Cruel Sun in Anime Spirits

For Damage comparison with the Aizen Sword, the Escanor takes the trophy since it is comparably stronger. The Aizen sword is not far from the axe on Second place because it’s also insanely powerful, just a little lesser than the Escanor Axe. 

Both weapons are epic weapons to have and will help you defeat enemies with ease so you’re lucky to get either one of these new weapons from the latest update! Hope you enjoyed reading about it and that this guide helped you to acquire it! While you’re here also check out How To Get Shadow Extraction Spec & Showcase in Anime Spirits!


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