Anime Switch: Complete Beginner’s Guide with Codes

How do you get more gems?

Anime Switch: Complete Beginner's Guide with Codes

This beginner’s guide for Anime Switch is meant for you who were not there when the game was in its beta. Now out and released on Roblox, Anime Switch features characters that you can play as to clear stages and get rewards. Characters are inspired from various anime and features familiar, animated moves. And you can see them in action as each features several skills you can use! In this beginner’s guide, we’ll cover everything from summoning, gameplay, to how you can grind for gems.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

You roll more characters, you conquer harder stages, earn coins and gems, and roll for more. That’s how you rinse and repeat in the game, but the question is where to start.


To the left of your screen, there’s the Summon button. Press it and you can see what the current banner allows you to spawn. There are 3 types of banners:

  • Regular (Characters)
  • Twisted (Characters)
  • Gadgets (Tokens, Mounts, Accessories, Coins)

The two banners to get you characters are the Regular and Twisted. The difference goes into the different type of characters you can get. Regular features only 6 types of characters while Twisted has all of them available.

Regular has 0.25% chance of summoning a Mystic while Twisted has 0.5%. Twisted is better in general when you don’t know who you want for now. But if you’re looking for a specific character, you can wait for the Regular to roll.

Summoning in Anime Switch.

It doesn’t matter if you roll 10x or 1x, what matters is the Pity count. Every 50 rolls, you’re guaranteed a Mystic character.

Yes, you can use multiple of the same characters. So if you want to use 3 Sanji, go ahead and use them!

Upgrading Characters

Use Merge to upgrade your characters using fodder characters. Once you have summoned a few characters, you can wear 3 characters and use the rest as fodders.

To upgrade your character, you have to fill the EXP bar. Then head into Upgrade and choose which of the 3 aspects you want to upgrade. Hovering over the plus (+) button lets you know what it’s about.

Upgrading characters.

Another way to upgrade characters is by playing the game! The more you kill, the more EXP you get. However, only characters that you use will get EXPs. If you never use them, those characters will not get any EXP.

Quick tip here is to try different characters first before you decide to sacrifice your fodders. Check out the gameplay section below to learn what to expect from each character.

Reroll Traits using Tokens to give your best characters extra boosts. There are currently 7 Traits in the game. So far, the only way I know you can get Tokens are via the Gadgets Summon. There’s a rare chance of summoning a character with a trait.

Evolve your characters using Items which are like cards that drop from the enemies you kill. You can check the Requirements at the Evolutioner. And then grind them in the waves as you’d normally play.

Evolving characters.


Anime Switch is very action-oriented, but can be a little stiff if you’re not used to it. You cannot change your camera orientation. You’re stuck with a single POV and as you move your character, you have to clear the enemies that spawn to clear the the stage.

Think of it like platform-game but with more depths. Your mouse decides where you face and the direction of your hits. Breakables drop money and healing items.

Here are the controls:

  • LMB (M1): Basic attack. You don’t have to spam your M1, just long click it and you’ll keep attacking.
  • Space: Dash. A little janky and sends you pretty far.
  • Switch: Q/E. Switch between characters that you carry.
  • Abilities: 1-4. Depends on the characters, sometimes they only have 2, sometimes 4. Abilities can give you iFrames.
  • Awaken: G.

The first round is very, very easy. With Epic characters, you should be able to clear it pretty easily. Your abilities also give iFrames so you can avoid the big hits during the boss fight.

As explained before, only characters you’ve used will gain EXP after you’re done with the stage. If you forgot to switch to them, they won’t gain any level as shown below.

Report after clearing a stage for the first time.


Using the Save Stone, you can teleport to anywhere you’ve at least explored once. Cut Island is the only place unlocked for the first time. Find the Travel zone which is indicated by the red symbol on the map. Fly to the middle of the map, then press E to land.

How to find new island.

Check-in at the Save Stone and you can now quick travel between islands!

How to quick travel on Save Stone.

Gem Grinding

This is probably the most sought out part of our beginner’s guide for Anime Switch. Gem grinding is easy at the start of the game. There are several ways you can get them and we definitely suggest you do until you can get one good Mystic character.

  • Tasks. Check your tasks which refreshes daily. It tells you what you can do to get more gems.
  • Clearing waves. Just clearing waves for the first time will get you gems as shown in the report above.
  • AFK World. Anime Switch also features the AFK function where you won’t get kicked out from the game and get gems passively. It’s not much, but hey, since you’re not doing anything anyways.
AFK World in Anime Switch for gems.
  • Free codes. The game regularly gives out codes for freebies to players. And we’ve got your back! Use 10KLIKES and 15KLIKES for some free gems now.

And that concludes the beginner’s guide for Anime Switch. Don’t forget to claim the codes as they won’t be staying here forever. Stay tuned for more guides and codes from us! If you love anime games on Roblox, you’ll love this trait tier list we’ve compiled for Anime Last Stand.


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