Anime World Tower Defense: Codes (Updated Daily)

Yes, we update it every day!

Anime World Tower Defense features a range of iconic anime characters that you can employ in your very own dream team. We have some new codes that will help you in this journey. You can get some amazing free rewards by redeeming these codes.

In this article, we will be providing you with the latest codes. We strongly suggest that you make use of them whenever you can, as Codes so have a tendency to expire with time. With that said, let’s get into it.

All Working Codes for AWTD

You can use the latest Codes for all sorts of rewards. Here are the working codes as per the time this article was written:

  • MusclePower—Redeem for 3K Puzzles and 50 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • PhantomLeaderWhere—Redeem for 5450 Puzzles and 55 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • 150kFav—Redeem for 15k Puzzles, 3 Miracle Shards, and 150 Reroll Tokens (New)
  • 125MVisit—Redeem for 12.5k Puzzles, 3 Miracle Shards, and 125 Reroll Tokens (New) (Requires level 50+)
  • SwordMaster—Redeem for 3k Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens
  • MicaaPeemSoReal—Redeem for 10k Puzzles, 5 Miracle Shards, and 10 Cursed Dolls 
  • DragonKingdom—Redeem for 3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens 
  • Ninetails—3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens
  • Valentine2024—10 Chocolates 
  • February11Accident—3,000 Puzzles and 25 Reroll Tokens
  • 1MGolds—1 million Gold
  • 100MVisitRequires level 50+: 10,000 Puzzles, 5 Miracle Shards, and an Exclusive Skin
  • GodShinobi—3,000 Puzzle
  • SorryForQuestBug—5,000 Puzzles and 1 Miracle Shards
  • 30KLikesTysm—Puzzle
  • UchigoDaigan—3,000 Puzzle
  • 75MVisit—Requires level 25+: 3,000 Puzzle and 750,000 Gold
  • 125KFav—Requires level 25+: 10,000 Puzzle and 5,000 Spirit
  • SubToKingLuffy—1,500 Puzzles
  • SubToBlamSpot—1,500 Puzzles
  • ShadowMonarch—3,000 Puzzles

If you’re looking for more Roblox codes, I recommend you check out ItemLevel’s collection of Roblox Codes! We update it on a daily basis (or at least try to), in order to make sure you get the best source for Roblox freebies & goodies.

Pay special attention when typing the codes in as they are case sensitive. So, you must enter them exactly how they are written here in the list.

You will want to really use the first Code since you get Miracle Shards, which are extremely difficult to come by in the game.

They may even help you with getting essential Miracle Rare units that will allow you to have a really strong team.

You might be having some trouble accessing the Codes option as there is no dedicated option for it. To redeem the Codes, you will need to actually go into the Settings Menu.

From there, scroll to the bottom and you should be able to see the text box where you can enter all the Codes.

Enter Code textbox for Anime World Tower Defense.

And that’s all that we need to cover for the latest working codes available for Anime World Tower Defense. Some great rewards that will surely help you out as these are rewards that you typically need to grind for by doing Quests regularly. Make sure you redeem them before they expire!

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