AOT Revolution: Best Families Tier List

What is the best family to have in this Attack on Titan fan game?

Attack on Titan Revolution is a new AOT fan game on Roblox with a lot of potential for customizable builds that will let your personal play style stand out from other people’s. One of the ways to achieve this is by rolling for a particular family, and there are a lot of them in the game. In this tier list, we’ll be ranking the best (and worst) families at the moment.

Best Families Tier List

Before we begin, it should be noted that this tier list is purely subjective and is somewhat also based on the opinions of the community. These different families can be rebalanced at any time, so things may shift around eventually.

We’ll also try to list down the passive bonuses for each family so you can also try to judge them based on your own preferences or needs. Without further ado, let’s get to the tier list!

AOT Revolution player fighting a titan

S Tier

  • Shiki (Unknown chance) – This is a family that has a wide range of damage, critical chance, and ODM buffs. It also provides double jump, an extra offensive perk slot, and a handful of bonus abilities, including ones shared with the Ackerman family.
  • Reiss (0.05% chance) – Gains a wide range of XP boosts and additional titan stats, as well as an extra support perk slot. Its family skills are particularly useful for support and crowd control.

A Tier

  • Yeager (0.05% chance) – This family gains increased Attack titan stats and more critical strike chance. Its unique abilities have decent utility, and it synergizes well with the (currently) only titan you can shift to in the game.
  • Ackerman (0.05% chance) – Essentially just a lesser version of Shiki as it cannot become a titan shifter. Passive buffs gained are the same as Shiki.

B Tier

  • Tybur (0.35% chance) – Gets increased titan shifting duration and some gold gain.
  • Leonhart (0.35% chance) – Gets increased titan run speed and a 10% damage boost.
  • Galliard (0.35% chance) – Getsbonus titan attack speed and critical damage.
  • Ksaver (0.35% chance) – Gains 10% bonus damage as titan and 10% bonus ODM range.
  • Braun (0.35% chance) – Gets bonus maximum health an takes less damage in titan form.
  • Zoe (0.35% chance) – Although it cannot become a titan shifter, it gets a bonus family ability and various ODM buffs.
  • Finger (0.35% chance) – Gets bonus ODM gas storage and has a longer shifting duration.
  • Arlert (0.35% chance) – Gets 10% bonus critical chance.
  • Braus (19.6% chance) – Although you get 5% less max health, it is currently the only rare family that has an ability. It lets you eat potatoes to heal 30% of your health.
AOT Revolution player fighting titans as a Reiss family member

C Tier

All of the families in this tier are rare and have a 19.6% chance to be rolled. They are placed this low because they all have various disadvantages that kind of cancels out the small stat boosts they provide you with.

  • Smith – Gets bonus 2.5% XP and gold for their party, but they deal 5% less damage.
  • Springer – Gets 5% bonus health and critical damage, but they have 5% less critical strike chance.
  • Grice – Gets bonus Jaw Titan stats but has 5% less ODM gas.
  • Azumabito – Gets bonus 5% damage and ODM control, but they get a 5% less titan stats debuff.
  • Kruger – Has 5% bonus Attack titan stats, but they have 5% less critical strike chance.

D Tier

Almost all of the families under this tier, which is the lowest one, are just plain common rarity ones that give you no benefits whatsoever. The only exception here is one, which is the first one listed below:

  • Kirstein (19.6% chance) – This family loses out on 5% of their ODM speed, but they get 10% increased horse stats.
  • Reeves (80% chance)
  • Blouse (80% chance)
  • Inocenio (80% chance)
  • Munsell (80% chance)
  • Boyega (80% chance)
  • Iglehaut (80% chance)
  • Pikale (80% chance)
  • Hume (80% chance)
  • Bozado (80% chance)
  • Ral (80% chance)

And that concludes this tier list of all the families in the current state of the game. A lot of features are still a work in progress, so these families can all change over time if the developers agree that they are worth changing. While you’re here, check out our guide on how to titan shift in Attack on Titan Revolution as well to figure out how to become a hulking beast!


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