Arcane Odyssey: Best PVP Guide

Exotic Scrolls, gears, and magic!

Popular Roblox MMO game Arcane Odyssey PVP is intense with thousands of veterans armed with the best gears and this guide is the culmination of that. You won’t become the king of PVP within a single hour. But you can certainly learn to build your way towards there.

This beginner guide shows the paths you can try and explore with your playstyle. This is going to be a comprehensive talk about how to make the best of your class and weapon, what to lookout for, and what to invest in.

Best PVP Guide

PVP in Arcane Odyssey is very complicated with a lot of synergies and rules to remember. Players have a lot of ways to become very good in PVP with the current balance. Keep in mind that Spirit Weapons update is on the horizon, so there’s definitely going to be even more options to explore for PVP players.


Synergy refers to the compatibility between different types of magic and spells. There are currently 22 Status Effects. Negative Synergy refers to reduced damage from certain spell types when applied to certain Status Effects. Positive Synergy refers to increased damage dealt from spells on certain Status Effects.

Soaked Status in Arcane Odyssey.

There’s an exception if both the Status Effect and spells were cast by you: the Negative Synergy doesn’t apply in this case. For example, you will still remove Petrified Status with Lightning magic, but not the 10% less damage Negative Synergy.

Regardless of the Synergy type, some spells can remove Status Effects. For example, Lightning spells removes Bleeding and deals 25% more damage. Refer to the Arcane Odyssey Wiki page for the full Synergy explanation.

So with this knowledge, you want to find Positive Synergy among your magic and spells. And there’s a lot of ways to do this, for example, Bleeding is easy to create synergies with fire-based magic, Glass, Poison, and Water. Or running Frozen with Lightning or Crystal magic.


Sunken Sword, Rapier, Katana, Dual Swords, Cutlass, Staff, Triasta, Vindicator. These are some good weapons beginners can try wielding in the game. Don’t hold yourself back from testing out a couple of different weapons to get a feel of which one is the best for you.

Triasta weapon in Arcane Odyssey.

Gears & Armor

Gears and Armor are about working hard to find the right scrolls to upgrade them. And depending on your playstyle, you want to have more of certain stats. Whether it’s to land hits faster or create larger nukes.

  • Attack Speed: This is good in general to send out hits faster and reduces endlag.
  • Attack Size: This is for the nukers. You want to make sure the entire area is covered by your Magma spell with nowhere to go? This is what you want.
  • Defense: By far, one of the most important stats. Your final build should have at least 550 Defense.
  • Power: You want to win the fight, you need damage. Over 100 damage power is good.
  • Agility: You need some speed to run or chase after other players.

The Dark Sea and fishing activity are your best bets to find these gears. You need a lot of Exotic Scrolls to give yourself even a chance in the PVP field. Sunken Armor is also good, but there’s a catch for Sunken Armor. Here’s a guide for how you can solo the Dark Sea when you don’t have a good party to grind it out.

Sunken gears and Exotic scrolls.

Modifiers do not work on Sunken gears nor boss drops, which we’ll discuss next. The next best enchantment to go for is the Atlantean Essence. But otherwise, the Exotic Scrolls are important and you’re most likely going to spend the most time looking for them.

There are several modifiers worth getting, such as Crystalline (Shell), Frozen (Frostmill), Blasted (Akursius Keep).

As for Jewel Crafting, if you’ve been fishing for a while now, you should have a lot of Lapis and Larimar. Combine and craft with them to up your EXP in Jewel Crafting. Don’t forget about the Thorn Flowers during your Dark Sea runs. Copper Shrooms for the jewels can be harvested from the peaks of Redwake Jaw Spires.

Free-aim or Shift-lock

When fighting, don’t be shy to try all kinds of tricks, including camera movement. With the freedom Roblox gives, you can have two different POVs to play around your skills. And sometimes, certain skills are easier to aim with certain camera movement.

Switch between them as needed. Linear skills are typically good with shift-lock mode. Other skills have better reach with free aim. But what works with you might differ a lot, so don’t try to copy exactly what other players do with their cameras.

And with that, we’ve concluded the PVP guide for Arcane Odyssey! There’s a lot to take in and even more to grind. But all it takes is time to find the right gears and, in the meanwhile, you can hop on a more hands-on practice. Don’t be scared to try different weapons to fight and switching cameras for better aiming.


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