Arm Wrestle Simulator: Codes (Updated Daily)

Yes, we update it every day!

Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator holds its own among the hundreds of games on the platform. Developed by Kubo Games, the game sounds simple enough: arm wrestle and be the best arm wrestling champion there can be.

Exercise, work out those arm muscles, take on gyms, and beat them all! An important part of becoming an arm-wrestling champion, of course, is the stats needed to strengthen your champion. The developers at Kubo Games update every Saturday.

There is no shortage of codes that give players perks and stats to help them win! In this article, we list all the Codes for Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator.

All Working Codes for Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator

  • supermembership—Redeem for 6 hours of the 3x boost (New)
  • slimeonallpets—Redeem for 2 hours of the 3x stat boost (New)
  • magicworld—Redeem for 6 hours of the 3x boost (New)
  • eastereventstays—Redeem for 12 hours of the 3x boost (New)
  • itschocotime—Redeem for 4 hours of the 3x boost (New)
  • 800mvisits—Redeem for 8 hours of the 3x boost 
  • onthehunt—Redeem for 4 hours of the 3x boost 
  • casting—Redeem for 3x boosts
  • quality—Redeem for 3x boosts 
  • nextweek—Redeem for 3x boosts 
  • doitagain—Redeem for 3x boosts 
  • flames—Redeem for 3x boosts 
  • forging—Redeem for 3x boosts
  • 1MILLION—Redeem for free boosts
  • merryxmas—Redeem for 5% on All Stats, x10 of Each Potion and 1,5k Candy Coins
  • XMASUPDATESOON—Redeem for a reward
  • SEASON4—Redeem for 500 Season EXP and a Hidden Surprise
  • 600mvisits—Redeem for 5% Stats
  • rocket—Redeem for 5% Stats & 2x Wins for 2 hours
  • CANDY—Redeem for 20K Candy.
  • 5kreactions—Redeem for +15% on all Strength. 
  • Knighty—Redeem for 5 Wins. 
  • ITSHULKTIME—Redeem for +15% on Strengths. 
  • 500MILLION—Redeem for 5 hours of 2x Wins. 
  • LIKES—Redeem for 5 hours of 2x Luck and 2x Wins.
  • bigupdatesoon—Redeem for a Strength Stat Boost

If you’re looking for more Roblox codes, I recommend you check out ItemLevel’s collection of Roblox Codes! We update it on a daily basis (or at least try to), in order to make sure you get the best source for Roblox freebies & goodies.

With regular updates comes the chance of multiple codes being active at once. Players can use these received perks to upgrade stats fast and win a series of matches in one go. 

It’s a great way to grind experience and level up further in the game, so make sure to take advantage of these codes when you can.

Another way to level up fast is with the multiple gamepasses in the game, which provide their own respective perks!

How To Redeem Codes

To redeem these codes on Roblox, do the following:

  • Launch Arm Wrestle Simulator in Roblox.
  • Find the Codes icon in the middle of the screen.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click Verify.
  • Redeem to claim your rewards and enjoy!
Code input box for Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator.

These are all the current working codes for Roblox Arm Wrestle Simulator. There’s quite a bit, so it’s best to bookmark and refer to this list if you want to redeem the codes. Do it quick so they don’t expire on you!

Additionally, any new codes should be posted by Axel over on his X (Twitter) account, so head over there and follow him to stay posted on any new updates and new codes you can redeem. 

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