Astral Party: Affinity & Affection Guide

So many items to choose from! Which one should I give?

Astral Party: Affinity & Affection Guide

Astral Party is a multiplayer party game with unique anime characters that you can choose from. In this game, you will be strategizing skills & cards, and rolling the dice to destroy friendships in this unique board game. As you play, you will be able to increase the Affinity & Affection of the characters. In this guide, we will provide you with information about the Affiny & Affection system.

Affinity & Affection Guide

To optimize your character’s affinity/affection level, you will need to give your characters items depending on what they like. In the list down below, you will be able to see what they need. Keep in mind that there can be different names whenever the official translation changes.

  • Poster Maiden (Mimi): Electronics
  • Quirky Detective (Fanny): Plushies
  • Shadow Ninja (Komachi): Clothes
  • Uncle Employee (Padman): Electronics
  • Game Master (Ren): Chocolate
  • Business Master (Parunan): Chocolate
  • Shy Nun (Alana): Chocolate
  • Red Hot (Papara): Alcohol
  • Recycling Robot (Z3000): Electronics
  • Body Vehicle (Pandaman): Plushies
  • Slime Girl (Lulu): Chocolate
  • Dress Girl (Fen): Alcohol
Astral Party Gameplay

That’s how you can increase the Affinity & Affection quickly in Astral Party. Make sure that you always come back to this list to find the right items for your characters!

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