AUT: All Bosses & Their Locations Guide

Where can you find all the bosses in the game?

Minos Prime boss in A Universal Time.

A Universal Time (AUT) is a Roblox game heavily inspired by the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise, as well as various other anime and manga series and even video games.

There are various bosses that you can fight as either a part of a quest or just to grind for drops. In this guide, we’ll be covering most of the ones that you can find all throughout the map!

All Bosses & Locations Guide

NOTE: I’ll be mentioning the majority of the locations in AUT, if you’re not familiar with all of them, make sure to check out our guide about that topic.

First up, most bosses that you can summon are fought in the Dark Souls Domain area, which you can access by interacting with the bonfire inside the cave to the right of the waterfall leading to Gojoland.

AUT domain entrance

Upon entering the Domain, you will find the Boss Summon bonfire in the middle of an arena. There, you can summon the following bosses as long as the quest requirements are met:

  • Hamon Trainer – Requires the Imbued Hamon Frog and 500,000 UCoins
  • Jonathan Joestar – Requires the Jonathan Radar and 500,000 UCoins
  • Dio Brando – Requires the Bait Vampire Mask and 500,000 UCoins
  • Joseph Joestar – Requires Joseph’s Signal and 500,000 UCoins
  • Reaper – Requires the Corrupted Arrow and 500,000 UCoins. Has three phases showcasing all of the Reaper abilities and has a lot of HP.

Puddest can also spawn within the Dark Souls Domain, and beating him while equipped with Standless has a 5% chance of giving you the Asgore spec and/or a skin for it.

AUT puddest


The Umbra boss requires you to have the Cursed Orb and Tales of the Universe in your inventory. He can be summoned inside the cave right behind the Skate Park.

It has the same abilities as the Umbra spec, however, it also has an awakened state once it reaches 50% health.

This state will grant it special moves that players cannot have, as well as a significant damage reduction buff.

AUT umbra

Boa H

Boa H can be fought by boarding the Mysterious Boat on the beach. After getting on the boat, you will be teleported to the island where the boss spawns.

AUT boat

She respawns every 35 minutes, and beating her will grant the player who dealt the most damage one Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit, which will grant the user the spec of the same name.

AUT boa h

Minos Prime

Minos Prime can be found within Gojoland. Specifically, he is in an arena found just at the edge of this hidden village.

He has a decent chunk of HP, and at 50% health, he will use the Weak move, which buffs his damage and defense by a considerable amount.

AUT minos prime


Diavolo spawns at the coliseum at the beach. He respawns every 30 minutes, and killing him has a chance of dropping either a Requiem Arrow or Saint’s Ribcage.

He is mainly farmed for Requiem Arrows, as they can be used to get either the Whitesnake or Weather Report stand.

AUT diavolo


The stand user version of Dio can be found inside his mansion. He respawns every 30 minutes, and he has a chance of dropping Dio’s Diary or Dio’s Bone, which are both quest items that are used to upgrade certain stands.

AUT dio

Wave Bosses

In the Wave game mode, you and a small group of other players will have to survive hordes of enemies with increasing difficulty.

Certain bosses exclusive to this game mode can spawn every few waves, and they are the following:

  • Big Hoss – Uses the Uber Oni ability, which is unobtainable by normal players and is exclusive to staff members only.
  • Bur, Fifth Disciple of Bon Shaker – Uses a custom Star Platinum variant and has various buffs.
  • The Hunter – Makes use of the Yone spec.
  • Surgeon of Death – This boss has the Ope ability, which is another staff-exclusive spec.
AUT the hunter

And those are all of the bosses currently available in AUT. Many more are likely to be added with future updates, so be prepared to face tougher opponents once they release new ones!

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