AUT: Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level

Leveling can never be any easier when you know this method!

AUT: Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level

In Roblox A Universal Time, leveling up, farming traits, and reaching max levels are the important tasks you’ll need to do.

This can be a long and tedious process if you do not know the in-game tips that can help you.

In this guide, we will provide you with some quick tips to farm traits and reach the maximum level more easily.

Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level

Without UShards

This first way is a hard way since you will need to beat the Bandits. If you have no uShards, this is the only way.

You can also farm in these locations to have a chance of getting uShards with cash, so you can start doing better methods:

Behind the Skate Park, you will find an area with a lot of NPCs. You can also do your first contract here once you reach level 60.

AUT: Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level

At the Floating Village, you can also find a group of NPCs. While you can find a lot of the NPCs here, they will be a little bit higher in terms of levels.

This is also the place where you can do your second contract.

AUT: Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level Second Location

The last location is the Desert. You can start farming in these locations depending on how strong your character is.

Once you have plenty of cash on your hands, it’s time to start trying the better methods to shorten the time it takes.

As you fight these enemies for the money, you will also receive some XP along the way. Even though it may be slower, it does give you the money you need for leveling.

AUT: Fastest Leveling Up Guide | Farm Traits & Max Level Desert

With UShards

First, you will need to go to the Park and find the Ability Banner. Now that you have got all your money, you will need to start rolling there for shards.

You might also get Chrono Warden if you are lucky. Keep getting all your shards until you are out of money.


Next, go to the nearest Black market. The Black Market NPC spawns every 5 minutes at three different locations.

These three locations are the Port, Floating Village, and Before Desert.

For more details about its location/s, you can check out our guide on all the Black Market NPC locations in AUT Update 3.0.

AUT BM NPC Location

After that, go to the Shard Exchange tab. You can start exchanging all of the shards you have for EXP.

Depending on your luck and what you have obtained from rolling earlier, you will have a higher or a lower amount of EXP.

AUT Exchange Shards

Once you level up, you will be able to select some Traits for your character. In the Shard Exchange menu, you can also type in the number of Shards that you want to exchange.

This feature makes it really convenient since you do not have to click the add button many times.

AUT Traits

Another quick way for you to level is by doing Boundless Towers as a Beginner. You can get to up to 200 levels if you manage to have someone to carry you there.

Boundless Tower can get you to 200 within less than 30 waves, so consider doing that along with this method as well!

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