Backroom Morphs: How to Get Sister Exe

A new skin to unlock in the game!

Backroom Morphs Sister Exe

Collecting skins in games can be fun and provide extra content for the game. From the challenges in unlocking gun skins in Call of Duty to getting them through events and such. In the Roblox game Backroom Morphs, you can find all sorts of skins that are scattered around the game. Some of these can be tough to find and you can easily miss them.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Sister Exe skin in the game. Now, get ready to jump through a few hoops, or specifically jump through a hole in the ground!

How to Get Sister Exe

There are a bunch of new skins that you can find in Backroom Morphs right now, and some of them are harder to find than the others. One of the new skins is the Sister Exe and it’s a fairly easy one to get compared to the others.

To get the Sister Exe, you’ll need to reach the start of Level 2. When you get to the start where black hands are reaching around, go straight and go to the first right.

Backroom Morphs Black Hands

There, you’ll find a room with a giant square hole on the floor. There’s also a sign that says “Don’t Jump” but we don’t read those. Go ahead and jump down the hole to continue.

Backroom Morphs Don't Jump Hole

You’ll reach a room with a TV and a false wall shown below. Go through the wall, and continue down the path.

Backroom Morphs False Wall

You’ll get to another room and this time there’s a hole in a corner. This time don’t jump inside it, instead collect the item near it, that’s the Skin for the Little Sisters Exe!

Once you unlock this skin, you’ll also get the badge for the game called “Little Sister’s EXE” badge. Now, that’s a nice addition to unlocking a new skin!

Backroom Morphs Collect Item

That’s how you get the Sister Exe skin for Backroom Morphs. Now, go out there and try to get this new skin for yourself!

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